dont-trust-the-b-apt-23-cancelled-renewedJanuary is proving to be a heavy month in the renewed shows of 2013 and cancelled shows of 2013 front, as there are new cancellations in the air, since ABC cancelled Don´t Trust the B… in Apt 23 in the middle of its sophomore run, after delivering low ratings, and even trying a scheduling shake up in order to bring more eyeballs to the laffer.

While this is not an official cancellation for Don´t Trust the B… in Apt 23, James Van Der Beek tweeted: “Sad to say ABC has pulled #Apt23 and will not be airing the 8 remaining episodes any time soon“. Meaning, it´s just precisely that: getting cancelled.

The eight remaining episodes in the cans will be airing in the summer, or used as fill ins, and this will also jeopardize Happy Endings, giving it an immediate boost, as ABC will air back to back episodes for a month, but closing this season run in half as many weeks as planned (We´ll stay tuned to see what happens to Happy Endings).

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