the-big-bang-theory-spoilers-quotes-cohabitation-formulationOk, For those very few out there not watching The Big Bang Theory, it´s already time to start! We just whitnessed an episode where As Wolowitz contemplates taking things with Bernadette to the next level, Leonard rekindles his relationship with Raj’s sister.

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Best Quotes from The Big Bang Theory – S04E16 – The Cohabitation Formulation

Bernardette: It´s cute you sound a little like a drunken monkey

Bernardette: Stay
Howard: Like what, five, ten minutes?

Bernardette: Have you ever considered us living together?
Howard: I don´t know. You, me, mom all living under the same roof?
Bernardette: No, I mean just you and me

Howard: I got a better solution. We wait for my mom´s heart to explode from all the salt she eats. Then we just stick her in the garden, flip her matress and move into the big bedroom

Howard: Look at us planning a future together

Howard´s Mom: Is that what you want? To give your mother herpes?

Howard: I had a big fight with my mother
Leonard: Still arguing which CSI is the best?
Howard: No, we agreed they all have their merits

Leonard: Yeah, that´s really a pickle. Bye

Howard: Thanks
Sheldon: It´s what terciary friends are for

Raj: Why are you holding hands? I forbid you to hold hands

Sheldon: Priya, if you’re experiencing any tension or awkwardness, it may stem from the fact that Leonard and Penny used to, to quote Howard, ‘do the dance with no pants’.

Amy: I came as quickly as I could
Penny: Ok, why?
Amy: To comfort you of course

Amy: Now let´s talk about Priya, that man stealing bitch
Penny: What?
Amy: In situation like this, best friends are often catty about other girls. Miaow

Priya: I´d love that
Leonard: I love the way you say “I´d love that”
Raj: She says it the same way I do. I´d love that. Everybody in India says it that way. It´s not a big deal

Amy: I am regretting my earlier catiness. She is an absolute delight

Recap for The Big Bang Theory S04E16 – The Cohabitation Formulation

Recap by MurphAndTheMagicTones

Howard (Simon Helberg) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) were basking in the glow of the post-coital bedroom when she asked the question Howard hoped she wouldn’t: if he wanted to move in with her. She was growing tired of Howard sleeping with her and going home, even if it was to set his mother’s wig and draw in her eyebrows in the morning. (“It’s a two-person job.”) He reluctantly went home and got an earful from his mother, who thought Bernadette had a lot of sexual diseases. (“I watch Dr. Phil!”) Howard had enough from his mother and left. Right after he retreived his Claritin. However, he didn’t go back to Bernadette’s; he went to crash with Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons). To Leonard’s surprise, it was about Bernadette and not which CSI was the best. To Sheldon’s surprise, Leonard hadn’t offered Howard a hot beverage. Or him, for that matter. Sheldon wonders why Howard didn’t sleep with Raj (Kunal Nayyar), but Priya was staying with him. Suddenly Leonard’s VERY interested in what’s going on. His troubles with Bernadette, not so much. And Leonard takes off to find Priya. But give Sheldon credit: in spite of being Howard’s tertiary friend behind Raj and Howard, he’ll still make the tea while Howard narcissistically rambles on about whatever is troubling him.

Of course, Raj forbids Leonard from talking to Priya. She ignores him, but Raj forbidded it. Leonard apologizes to her because he thought he came on too strong the last time, but Priya was willing to listen. They go off in private, completely ignoring Raj, even his voicemail messages from the other room.

Leonard and Priya walked into the Cheesecake Factory, despite Raj having forboded them from having sex. (“It’s forbade.” “Are you sure? That doesn’t sound right.”) Priya told off Raj, but Sheldon defended him. (Sheldon’s VERY nice to people tonight.)

SHELDON: The Hindu Code of Manu is very clear in these manners. If a woman’s father is not around, the duty of controlling her base desires falls to the closest male member of her family. In this case, Raj. The code also clearly states if she disobeys, she will be reborn in the womb of a jackal and be tormented by diseases. If true, that’s seems like an awfully large gamble given that the prize is Leonard.

And if this wasn’t awkward enough, Penny (Kaley Cuoco) comes up and says hi to everybody. Leonard introduces Priya to her.

SHELDON: Priya, if you’re experiencing any tension or awkwardness, it may stem from the fact that Leonard and Penny used to, to quote Howard, ‘do the dance with no pants’.

While Raj begs Penny to regail Priya with stories of how she was disenchanted by Leonard’s lovemaking, Howard offers to sleep over at Bernadette’s for two whole nights since his mother would be in Palm Springs…sinuses notwithstanding. It wasn’t enough for Bernadette. He needed to make a choice: her or his mother. And hesitating was not an option.

Amy (Mayim Bialik) got to Penny’s place as quickly as she could when Sheldon told her Leonard was dating Priya. She wanted to help Penny pick up the pieces of her broken heart. Which wasn’t actually necessary.

AMY: You don’t have to be strong for me. Now let’s talk about Priya, that man-stealing bitch.

Penny assured Amy she was fine, but Amy pointed out Penny’s former mate replaced her with a mater more suitable than she was. Penny wasn’t happy, especially when Amy pointed out Priya was highly educated and came from the land where they wrote about neat ways to have sex. Whereas Penny is a community-college dropout whose people wrote the book on tipping cows. (The electrodes didn’t help, either.)

At Bernadette’s, where she has a little stepstool to look through the peephole (that was SO cute!), Howard has brought all of his luggage and moved out of his mother’s place. His mother would find out as soon as she read the email. And Howard already wanted his dinner. Short of that, they could fool around in the bedroom…then Bernadette could go shopping.

Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, Amy, and Priya are having pizza at the guys’ place and Penny swoops in to nibble on a few pieces, and Sheldon doesn’t mind the “plover eating food from between the teeth of crocodiles.” Amy invited her ‘bestie’ to sit next to her on the chair. Priya talks about being an international lawyer, although Leonard tried to make it sound more exciting than it really was. Then it was Penny’s turn to explain she was an actress, which impressed Priya. And it was a bad time to tell about driving to Van Nuys for what she thought was a cat food commercial. It was for porn.

SHELDON: Did you get the part?

PENNY: (ticked) I didn’t take the audition

SHELDON: Given the state of your career, are you sure you can afford to be picky?

Priya told about taking acting classes at Cambridge and was even in Taming of the Shrew, much to Leonard’s (and Amy’s) delight.

Howard and Bernadette’s living arrangement was working quite well so far. That is, until Howard asked for a snack. Cord ain’t that cut, is it. Especially when Howard added things to the list of items Bernadette would shop for, including non hypo-allergenic detergent for washing his underwear. Finally Bernadette figured out she was doing all of the things Howard’s mother used to do for him…and sex on top of it! Bernadette finally told him she wasn’t going to be his mother. And Howard heads back to his mother’s. But at least she made him some brisket.

Amy checks on Penny again, since she was replaced by a “smart, beautiful woman with the smouldering sexuality of a crouched Bengal tiger.” BUt once again, Penny assured Amy she was OK. In fact, she was happy for Leonard…while she broke down crying. Amy gave her a hug and broke out the electrodes. On the good side, Amy was able to analyze the patterns in Penny’s brain to make a rhesus monkey cry like a disgraced televangelist. Penny went to Sheldon’s when she smelled Chinese food. (“It’s Thai. You’re slipping.”) But Sheldon let the three of them eat, including Amy on videoconference. And Amy sent Sheldon for the tea, since Penny was still upset. (“I don’t want tea.” “Sorry, it’s not optional.”)

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