lea-thompson-cabin-fever-hallmark-movie-premiereJust as summertime starts to really heat up, Hallmark Movie Channel is treating its viewers to a new kind of Big Mac Attack with this world premiere starring Lea Thompson, who you should remember as Marty McFly´s mother in the Back to The Future saga.
Here, Lea Thompson – who also starred in Jane Doe and Caroline in the City – portrays a divorced mom named Lily MacDougal drawn by fate to a divorced dad named Conor Mac Dougal, played by Covert Affiars´ Steven Brand. Each of them brings their kids to Scotland for a national Mac-style competition called the “Meeting of the Macs”. Then wouldn´t you know, there´s a mix up and Lily, Conor and their children are double booked to the same small cabin. Yes, you guessed what happens next, it´s too late to plan for different arrangements and they have to stay all together. The families are forced to enter the competition as a single team.
Of course, you also guessed it, they don´t start liking each other right away… how about later?

Will you watch The Cabin on Hallmark Movie Channel July 30 8PM? Let me know in the comments section.

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