the-exes-spoilers-quotes-pilot-little-romanceYou know, there´s a new show in TVLand paired to Hot in Cleveland that is not getting much buzz about, but ot surely has gathered a great funny ensemble cast: The Exes.
With Third Rock From The Sun alums Kristen Johnston and Wayne Knight, Scrubs vet Donald Faison, David Alan Basche and the uber cute Kelly Stables in a show that revolves around three divorced men living as roommates across the hall from their divorce attorney.

Best quotes and lines from The Exes Pilot

Holly: Stuart, as your attorney, let me assure you, your marriage to Lorna is over. Remember? She signed the papers a week ago
Stuart: That doesn´t mean anything
Holly: In the darkest ink I have ever seen.
Stuart: Well maybe…
Holly: She said “Yay!”

Holly: Stuart, I answered less questions to pass the bar.

Phil: Did someone ordered six feet of sexy?

Phil: You know when you lie you say things twice
Holly: No, I don´t, No I don´t

Phil: Fist bump
Haskell: Too intimate
Phil: Right

Holly: This is so adorable, I smeel bromance in the air

Stuart: What are you thinking?
Phil: I´m thinking I payed someone half my money to never hear that question again

Phil: Stuart, this apartment is a sharing free zone. Think of me as the guy in the urinal. Nod, say nothing, keep it moving

Holly: Phil off!
Phil: She looks like someone threw a hot chick in the dryer

Phil: Crazy Sandy is another problem

Phil: Dude, I´m not your wife… but I´m starting to see why she left you

Phil: You are like my ex wife, but without the expensive breasts

Stuart: I am gonna make frittattas and we are gonna talk about it

Best quotes and lines from The Exes S01E02 A Little Romance

Phil: I used to have pride, now I have allimony

Holly: Don´t get up
Haskell: Don´t worry, I wasn´t, I was just shifting cheeks

Phil: I´m this close to signing my first jockey. He´d be my biggest client. And yes, I get the irony.

Holly: You are not pimping my assistant to land a client
Eden: Yeah! But who are we talking about?

Phil: He likes you
Holly: Who, the little guy?

Holly: Forget it. I´m not jockey bait

Haskell: The little guy drank too much and she is carrying him to Middle Earth

Holly: You sound like a really good rider

Holly: Although he would have been my shortest

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