psych-season-six-tao-gus-spoilers-quotes-references-nicknamesA new episode of Psych is airing tonight. And as you can expect from Psych, it´s brilliant.

We get to see a Gus centric episode, and him acting like a fool falling in love. Paired to this episode also, there´s still little time to enter the contest to win a Psych Prizepack.

The episode is called “The Tao of Gus” andhas special guest star Diora Baird (from wedding crashers among others). It aired yesterday and is paving the way for a wait for it… Lassiter centric midseason finale next Wednesday.

What is Psych The Tao of Gus About? Plot

After a woman tells the SBPD she witnessed a murder happen in broad daylight, Shawn and Gus are the only ones who believe her and therefore protect her by hiding her at a remote commune called Box Canyon Ranch, a place whose inhabitants label themselves as progressive intellectuals. So, Gus and Shawn take up residence at a hippie commune, to uncover the source of the mysterious threats aimed at NICOLE REED played by guest star Diora Baird.

Best Quotes and Spoilers from Psych S06E08 The Tao of Gus

Gus: I´m gonna die and come back as that peach scarf
Shawn: I thought you wanted to die and comeback as Skinny Elvis
Gus: No, you wanted to die and comeback as Skinny Elvis. I wanted to die and come back as Black Michael Jackson.
Shawn: And now you are downgrading to that scarf?
Gus: You know that´s right

Jules: Gus, please, this woman may have witnessed a crime
Gus: A crime in progress, she is stealing my heart. But I ain´t pressing charges.
Jules: Wow, I would like to apologize for my creepy colleague
Nicole: No, please. I find his energy very soothing

Shawn: Weirdest flirting ever

Gus: Burton Guster, PI. My apologies for your traumatic crime scene experiences.

Jules: Don´t go anywhere near this one
Gus: Why is that?
Lassiter: Because she is crazier than Janice Dickinson. That girl has clearly been doing too much of this (He does a smoking weed face)
Gus: Suffering from hemhorroid pain?
Shawn: Doing an inaccurate impression of Dr Evil´s face?

Gus: I´m a complicated man who likes complicated women… and Brazilians

Nicole: If you want to go off the map, you can take me home
Gus: I feel that

Shawn: Gus, we may have a Children of the Corn situation here

Gus: I´m Burton Guster, just a man, a man who cares

Shawn: We have tickets for a screening of Xanadu for 6:30

Shawn: We are so off the grid I think we are actually on the grid again

Gus: This plums are God´s candy

Shawn: Dude, this is like Footloose. That means I´m Bacon and you are Lori Singer.
Gus: Why am I the girl
Shawn: Because you just swung like that

Shawn: Brother Gus, may I speak gently by sternly with you outside in the porch
Gus: Sure

Shawn: Kill the brothers thing
Gus: You used it.
Shawn: Yes, as a joke. You used it for real.
Gus: I use it all the time.
Shawn: Because you are a black guy.

Shawn: You were sucked in here because Nicole is hot in a Kate Hudson in Almost Famous kind of way and you are you.

Eli: This is a fully operational farm
Lassiter: Oh, I bet it is Cheech

Gus: Did you change your relationship status?

Lassiter: Keep your feet off the seat

Shawn: You are so very close to me

Eli: Don´t listen to him, he is a slave to his own cinicism
Shawn: I´m a Slave to Love, Jack and Fashion. And of movies where dogs cover their eyes when couples get intimate around.

Nicknames from Psych S06E08 The Tao of Gus

Gus presents himself to Nicole as “Burton Guster, PI”.

Shawn calls Gus Brother Gus, and Gus calls him Brother Shawn.

Where´s the pineapple in The Tao of Gus?

There´s a pineapple carved in wood in the fruit stand.

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