Psych Fall 2011 PrizingHello everybody! As I told you early this year. One of my goals was to host many more giveaways than last year, and so far so good. Last contest was the chance to win the book Luck and Circumstance.

This time, from my favourite current show: Psych! And to pair it up with the next episode of Psych called In For a Penny that premieres 30/11.

A giveaway for you to have the chance to win a Psych Prize Pack, like the one last year my reader Attila won.

How are we going to do this? Well first of all, you can tell evreybody at Psych Facebook Page if you win and gloat.

What is the prize pack for Psych Contest and Giveaway?

As you can see in the photo, there´s a lot on this prize. I have to say though,  the prize was provided by USA Network, but USA Network is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this giveaway. Contest open to US residents only.

What is the Next Episode of Psych “In For a Penny” About?

Next episode of Psych is called In for a Penny, in which Juliet gets a visit from her estranged father, a charming con man who wants to mend his broken relationship with his daughter, but when the opportunity to pull off a dream con is presented to him, his decision to stay on the right side of the law becomes more complicated. And Jules father is none other than William Shatner!

How to enter The Psych Contest and Giveaway?

You have to do the following:

Watch both these videos and then answer the questions I prepared to see if you can be a Psychic Detective.

Psych – In For a Penny Preview Video

Psych – In For a Penny Spoiler William Shatner Scene Video

Now for the answers, you´ll have to put yours in the comments section (make sure you fill the form with a valid e-mail address and put guillermo @ in your white mail list so if you are the winner you can get my e.mail letting you know).


1- What is Gus relationship with Gus?

2- What´s the phone Shawn uses in the clip?

3- What´s William Shatner´s character name?

4- What colour is Lassiter´s tie?

5- What colour is Gus´ beret?

6- What is Juliet holding in her hand?

You out your answers in the form.

How to get Extra entries:

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Will you enter Psych contest and giveaway? Let me know in the comments section.

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