dexter-kill-travis-doomsday-gellar-deadOk, I waited a little just to let you guys watch the episode and not spoil it for you. But at the end of the episode we see that Professor Gellar is in the freezer at Church´s basement. Dead for a long time, therefore, Professor Gellar is not the doomsday killer. But who is DDK? Is Travis the killer? Did Travis kill Professor Gellar?
And now that Travis has Dexter trapped in the basement, is Travis going to kill Dexter? He will certainly try to do so… but of course he is not going to succeed, since, remember Dexter has been renewed for two more seasons.

One other thing is that this will affect the way Dexter approaches his own Dark Passenger, having passed on the signs pointing at Travis as the killer, he let Brother Sam´s lessons to cloud his judgement.

But now with Dexter dissappearing, what will happen? Will Debra get closer to figuring out who Dexter really is?

The season is getting better and better that´s for sure, and I cannot wait for the next episode to find out what happens with Travis and Dexter on the basement.

What´s your theory about Travis and Dexter at the church´s basement? Let me know in the comments section.

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