demi-moore-ashton-kutcher-getting-back-together-twitterTheir fight and separation towards divorce has been all over the papers, and even Ashton Kutcher posted a lot of things he´d do to have her take him back, but Demi filed for divorce nonetheless, when on November 17 she announced she was ending the marriage that tied her with Ashton after six good years.
She was away from Twitter too, but on Thanksgiving day she tweeted something completely unrelated to the divorce, but related to the holiday, when she tweeted “Why do we only have one day for giving thanks?” she asked. “Is that why so many people feel unappreciated? Make this 1 of 365 days of Thanksgiving!”
So why am I bringing this up? Because she did not change her Twitter handle and still tweeted as MrsKutcher.
Is that a sign that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are getting back together, or is it rather a sign that she does not know or want to change her username?
What are your thoughts? Are Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher getting back together, and Twitter is a sign of it, or the divorce is final and sooner or later we´ll see her changing her username?
Let me know your thoughts.
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