pentatonix-sing-off-winner-season-3Yay! Pentatonix won The Sing Off season three! I had to wait until 11 PM on the West Coast to do this article in order not to spoil it for those folks (Although many sites already posted the news. That´s a no-no my dear colleagues).

Not bad taking a 200,000 dollars prize and a recording contract with Sony, none other.
The Sing Off is an a capella singing competition, so you really need to be talented to be in it. There´s no masking your failures or mistakes, you need to be spot on. Well Pentatonix, the winners of The Sing Off season three were always in tune and giving electrifying performances and giving the audiences a contagious vibe while at it.
Second place, behind The Sing Off winners Pentatonix, came the Dartmouth Aires, and in third place Urban Method.

Who are Pentatonix, the winners of The Sing Off season three?

Pentatonix, a 5-member acapella group, began with three friends Kirstie Maldonado, Mitch Grassi, and Scott Hoying at Martin High School in Arlington, TX. Hearing of a local radio show hosting a competition to meet the cast of Glee, they arranged a trio version of “Telephone” and sent it in. Although they did not end up winning the competition, it sparked attention around their school. The group began performing around school for different events and at their final choir concert of the year. After getting positive feedback from “Telphone” on YouTube, the three decided to continue and arrange other songs for fun.

When the opportunity arose to audition for The Sing Off, they decided to add two amazing performers Avi Kaplan and Kevin Olusola to the group. Thus, Pentatonix was born! Although only together for a short time, an instant chemistry, appreciation, and friendship arose out of the five. Pentatonix loves putting their own dance/upbeat spin on music and derives its influences from pop, dubstep, electro, and hip-hop. They look forward to their journey with each other and the opportunity to grow closer with one another while honing their craft. They can’t wait for any new opportunities that may arise from The Sing Off and are excited to be a part of the show!

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But for now, just Congratulations Pentatonix for winning The Sing Off season three.