TGFTR4_Key-Art_s4x3_alAre you a fan of great competition reality-tv series filled with tough challenges, great cooking, creative business decisions? And what if we add some big custom-made trucks to that? If that sounds like something you are into, set your timer for August 18th, 9pm ET/PT, because that’s when the fourth season of The Great Food Truck Race is set to premiere. Brought to you by Food Network and hosted by the chef Tyler Florence, the show has been created to attach you to your TV screen and keep your thumbs up for your favorite team.

The eight three-person teams that will be hitting the road with the food truck they see for the first time are Aloha Plate, Boardwalk Breakfast Empire, Bowled and Beautiful, Frankfootas, Murphy’s Spud Truck, Philly’s Finest Sambonis, The Slide Show, Tikka Tikka Taco. None of the team have any previous food truck experience, but all of them wish to operate their own food truck business.

“We love the world of food trucks because they’ve opened up a low cost entry way for aspiring culinary talent to succeed without a traditional restaurant,” said Bob Tuschman from Food Network.

The show is set to premiere August 18th, but you can meet the teams as well as learn more about this season of The Great Food Truck Race at

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