This Friday marks the first look at AMC’s highly anticipated new series the “The Killing” which is anchored by a breakout cast, including Mireille Enos (“Big Love”) as Sarah Linden, the lead homicide detective investigating the death of Rosie Larsen; Billy Campbell (“Once and Again”) as Darren Richmond, Seattle’s City Council President running for Mayor; Joel Kinnaman (Snabba Cash) as Stephen Holder, an ex-narc cop who joins the homicide division in the investigation to find Rosie’s killer; Michelle Forbes (“True Blood”) as Rosie’s mother, Mitch; and Brent Sexton (W., In the Valley of Elah) as Rosie’s father, Stan.
All this following an all-first season marathon of The Walking Dead. AMC will air a special Marathon of “The Walking Dead,” featuring all six episodes from the Golden Globe nominated and critically acclaimed first season.

“The Walking Dead” Marathon airs Friday, March 4 beginning at 8pm ET/PT on AMC.

But more to the topic: The Killing First Look is Friday March 4, and the two hour premiere set for Sunday April 3 9PM ET/PT on AMC

What is The Killing About? Plot

Everyone has a past. Everyone has a secret. Everyone is a suspect in AMC’s newest original drama series, “The Killing,” which debuts with a two-hour premiere on Sunday, April 3 at 9pm ET/PT. From writer, executive producer and showrunner Veena Sud (“Cold Case”) and produced by Fox Television Studios, the series tells the story of the murder of a teenage girl and the subsequent police investigation. Based on the hugely successful Danish television series “Forbrydelsen,” “The Killing” is beautifully set in Seattle, which uniquely sets a “Nordic noir” tone and mood for the show.  The 13- episode series is a gripping and compelling entrée into the murder mystery genre, with rich characters and addictive, suspenseful plot twists that go beyond the formulaic procedural and will have viewers obsessing over “Who killed Rosie Larsen?”

“The Killing” weaves together three distinct stories around a single murder, including the detectives assigned to the case and their suspects, the victim’s grieving family, and the local politicians connected to the case.  As “The Killing” unfolds, it becomes clear that there are no accidents; everyone has a secret, and while the characters think they have moved on, their past still lingers.

Shot on location in Vancouver, “The Killing” is anchored by a breakout cast, including Mireille Enos (“Big Love”) as Sarah Linden, the lead homicide detective investigating the death of Rosie Larsen; Billy Campbell (“Once and Again”) as Darren Richmond, Seattle’s City Council President running for Mayor; Joel Kinnaman (Snabba Cash) as Stephen Holder, an ex-narc cop who joins the homicide division in the investigation to find Rosie’s killer; Michelle Forbes (“True Blood”) as Rosie’s mother, Mitch; and Brent Sexton (W., In the Valley of Elah) as Rosie’s father, Stan.

The Killing Spoilers and Episode Descriptions

The Killing – EP 100 – “Pilot” Spoiler Free Description

On her last day of work, homicide detective Sarah Linden is drawn into a new case about the disappearance of a teenage girl, Rosie Larsen. Mitch and Stan Larsen frantically try to track down their daughter when they learn she did not show up at school. City Councilman Darren Richmond prepares for an important forum with the Mayor as the election nears.
Written by: Veena Sud
Directed by: Patty Jenkins

The Killing – EP 101 – “The Cage” Spoiler Free Description

The investigation into Rosie’s killer begins as Sarah and Holder question the missing girl’s parents, Stan and Mitch, as well as Rosie’s friends and City Councilman Richmond. Rosie’s school becomes a potential murder site when Sarah and Holder uncover shocking evidence on campus. Heartbroken and grief-stricken, Mitch and Stan face the aftermath of losing their daughter.
Written by: Veena Sud
Directed by: Ed Bianchi

The Killing – EP 102 – “El Diablo” Spoiler Free Description

City Councilman Richmond suspects a leak within his own team, causing a shakeup in his campaign. Sarah and Holder track down a potential witness to the murder and are led to a new suspect. Mitch shuts down completely, forcing Stan to take on both parenting roles as his family grapples with the reality of losing Rosie.
Written by: Dawn Prestwich & Nicole Yorkin
Directed by: Gwyneth Horder-Payton

The Killing – EP 103 – “A Soundless Echo” Spoiler Free Description

Sarah and Holder pressure Rosie’s former boyfriend, Jasper, for answers and interview a new suspect. An emotionally vulnerable Stan and Mitch plan their daughter’s funeral. Rosie’s best friend, Sterling, reveals some surprising truths about Rosie’s life. With a campaign that is struggling financially, Richmond attends a posh party in the hopes of raising funds.
Written by: Soo Hugh
Directed by: Jennifer Getzinger

The Killing – EP 104 – “Super 8” Spoiler Free Description

Rosie’s teacher provides Sarah and Holder with a new piece of evidence. Richmond’s campaign team plans a new anti-crime television commercial. Mitch continues to struggle with the loss of her daughter, while Stan becomes more determined to find Rosie’s killer, and asks his colleague Belko for help.
Written by: Jeremy Doner
Directed by: Phil Abraham

The Killing – EP 105 – “What You Have Left” Spoiler Free Description

Sarah and Holder question a suspect’s family and neighbors. Tension mounts between Richmond and his campaign advisor, Gwen, as his team prepares for an important debate with the Mayor. Rosie’s funeral takes place. Stan takes matters into his own hands.
Written by: Nic Pizzolatto
Directed by: Agnieszka Holland

The Killing Characters Spoilers

Who is SARAH LINDEN (Mireille Enos)

Sarah Linden is a homicide detective with the Seattle Police Department. A smart, competent cop, she often sees what other cops don’t. Sarah is a silent watcher, taking everything in without ever revealing her hand. Outside of work, she’s a distance runner, an emotional “lone wolf,” and a single mom to whom motherhood doesn’t come naturally. Determined to have a normal life separate from the daily horrors of her job, Sarah is ready to walk away, marry her fiancé, Rick Felder, and move her child and her life to Sonoma, California. However, the murder of Rosie Larsen could be the case that changes her life forever, and her determination to catch Rosie’s murderer becomes a compulsion, a heinous crime that she must solve no matter what the cost to herself and her carefully made plans.

Who is DARREN RICHMOND (Billy Campbell)

Darren Richmond, the president of the Seattle City Council, is running for Mayor. He gives every impression of being “Seattle’s JFK.” Richmond is carrying on a relationship with Gwen Eaton, his campaign advisor — a relationship he is keeping under wraps until the election is over — but still longs for his wife who passed away years ago. He is the type of politico with potential on the national scale, a man of principle and unshakeable beliefs amidst a political world swimming with sharks.

Who is STEPHEN HOLDER (Joel Kinnaman)

A former narcotics detective who feels right at home in the grit and ugliness of undercover work, Stephen Holder has just been promoted to Homicide, where he’s a fish out of water. Despite his inexperience, Holder proves to be dogged and a good, if awkward, complement to Sarah’s quieter style.  He has no boundaries, and his dark humor and observations often get under Sarah’s skin.

Who is MITCH LARSEN (Michelle Forbes)

Mitch Larsen is a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who has found peace as a housewife and mother. A bit rough around the edges, Mitch doesn’t put up with any bullshit. She is a force of nature who wants a better life for her children, Rosie, Denny and Tom. Mitch has raised her oldest child, Rosie, to be considerably more modest and accomplished than the rest of the girls at her school.

Who is STANLEY LARSEN (Brent Sexton)

A bullish blue collar guy, Stanley Larsen grew up in a rough neighborhood, but has transformed his life from boozer and brawler to small business owner and family man.  The owner of a small moving company, Stan still does his share of the grunt work and is partnered with his friend, Belko Royce. Very happily married to Mitch for the last 17 years, he is the proud father of Rosie, Denny and Tom, and is contemplating a move to the suburbs to give his family a better life.

Who is GWEN EATON (Kristin Lehman)

Darren Richmond’s campaign adviser and lover, Gwen Eaton is a smart, sophisticated and ambitious blue blood from one of the city’s most powerful families, and one of Richmond’s most intimate political associates. Gwen has no intention of making her relationship with Richmond public, valuing her privacy and knowing full well that a beautiful woman can be too easily dismissed in the rough and tumble world of politics.

Who is JAMIE DEMPSEY (Eric Ladin)

Jamie Dempsey is the brilliant campaign manager for Darren Richmond. A policy wonk and loyal sidekick, Jamie is focused on the political battle 24/7 and chafes against Richmond’s indiscreet relationship with Gwen Eaton. He’s a master chess player and strategist, and a valuable – if deeply opinionated – asset to the Richmond campaign.

Who is BELKO ROYCE (Brendan Sexton III)

Belko Royce grew up in the same neighborhood as Stan, a lost boy type who gravitated to Stan’s natural leadership and, eventually, his loving family.  Belko is fiercely loyal to the Larsens and spends most of his time helping Stan with the moving company and being an unofficial uncle to the Larsen kids.

Who is TERRY (Jamie Anne Allman)

Terry is Mitch’s younger, party girl sister, who spends her nights hanging out in bars and clubs. While the Larsens mourn Rosie’s death, Terry picks up the slack around the house, including looking after her two young nephews, Even though she means well, she often says all the wrong things. Terry is close to her sister and knows a hidden side to Mitch: she once wanted a bigger and better life than the one she has now.

Who is REGI (Annie Corley)

A mother figure to Sarah, Regi often helps Sarah take care of her young son, Jack.  She’s no-nonsense, the keeper of Sarah’s past, and knows all her secrets.  Regi, more than anyone, knows how dangerous Sarah’s involvement in this case could be.

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