We already told you about this week´s Nate Berkus show episodes, and tomorrow the one called “No Money makeovers” to Change Up Your Home Design Without Spending A Dime! in which Nate reveals how you can completely makeover your home without spending any money!  By simply reinventing everyday items already in your home, you can create beautiful designs.

But also, another segment, a segment I can´t wait to be a part of, mainly to take a day off and relax, a hard-working mom gets the day off when Nate comes to take over for her at Lowes.  Don’t miss Nate ringing up customers, cutting keys and solving design dilemmas.  Nate Berkus surprises a hard-working mother, Dianne Crespo, by taking over her duties at a Lowes in Brooklyn, New York for a day of shopping and fine dining. As part of the show’s on-going “Big Day Off” segment, the popular designer and TV host tests his customer service skills by working the register, cutting keys and of course, solving some design dilemmas.

Then, some much needed design therapy for an office and a play area.  Plus, Dancing With The Star’s Cheryl Burke chats about her new book and what inspired her to dance.

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