last-man-earth-reviewWill Forte is the last man on earth, and the show starts with him traveling the country leaving notes about being Alive in Tucson, and then moving in to a big house there. And then we start watching how the last man on earth has to find ways of entertaining himself.
I´d love to go to supermarkets like he did, and the bowling scene was a good one.
He only has God to talk to, and after five more months after the virus go by, he is a full on hoarder. A complete mess. Forte is the man for the job.
After making fun of Tom Hanks for creating and talking to a ball in Wilson on Castaway; he then creates a whole bar of balls who end up being his friends.

His from a distance romance with a Mannequin, and confiding in a volleyball scene is the kind of scenes that will separate this show from most other broadcast comedies.

The awkwardness of the whole scene of Phil and the mannequin is probably putting Will Forte a frontrunner in any early award talk.

He then meets Carol, the last woman on earth, played by Kristen Schaal, who we loved on 30 Rock, and now will have the chance at being the leading lady.

If it´s difficult and awkward sometimes to meet someone new, the awkwardness of the meeting of Phil and Carol is superbly done.

Then why am I giving this pilot a B+? Because it certainly can kick it up a notch, and I´m very confident it will.

All in all, the most promising new comedy / dramedy on broadcast Television. And it premiered to pretty good numbers. What did you think about The Last Man on Earth? Let me know in the comments, and follow me on Twitter for more scoop.