listener-spoilers-quotes-s02e01-lady-in-the-lakeThe Listener came back to TV. And the very good canadian show came back with Toby Logan is still haunted by guilt over the murder of his friend Detective Charlie Marks and the disappearance of his mother – has resolved to stop fighting against his mysterious gift and use his telepathic abilities to help others. When he revives a woman (Rekha Sharma, V) who nearly drowned, her amnesia gives him the perfect opportunity. But unbeknownst to him, she’s tangled in a case of corporate espionage and murder, and she might not be the victim he presumes. As he sets out to help her remember her past, she’s also being investigated by Sgt. Michelle McCluskey (Lauren Lee Smith) of the IIB, who has taken a special interest in Toby’s connection to the woman and uncovered his more than coincidental history with a number of major criminal cases in the past.

Best  Quotes from The Listener S02E01 Lady in the Lake

Toby: I used to wonder where my gift would take me. Now I realize, it´s up to me

Osman: You can be a legend. The best conman ever

Toby: I don´t know how can I read thoughts she doesn´t have

Toby: Olivia and I boke up forever ago

Osmer: You don´t have to save everybody. It´s hard enough to try to save yourself

Osmer: He is in really good shape; like distractingly good shape

Os: Speaking about hot cops
Toby: Don´t go there

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