listener-spoilers-quotes-s02e02-crime-seenThe Listener came back to TV. And the very good canadian show came back with the second episode of the sophomore season. An episode called Crime Seen, in which Sgt.McCluskey gets Toby involved on a case of an illegal weapon contraband.

Best  Quotes from The Listener S02E02 Crime Seen

Toby: He´s on the blue pill
Os: Don´t give away his secrets
Toby: Secret´s hers

Informant: It´s always a pleasure doing business with you sarge

Os: I couldn´t have done it without my best friend: Adrenaline

Toby: Risk assesment management?
Girl in bar: A girl has to make a living

Michelle: You got that from my expresion?

Toby: It´s not magic

Michelle: If something happens to you
Nick: It´s calculated risk

Nick: I´m not happy about this. You know that?
Michelle: I know that

Toby: Don´t beat yourself up

Toby: I read minds

Toby: Brown´s not a number

Michelle: Stop it. Just stop it

Toby: You are too good of a cop not to see this

Toby: Wow that´s cool

Toby: Needle in a haystack, huh?

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