unemployment-danny-london-web-seriesWeb Series is a growing format and a great vehicle to find new voices and talent. Here, at Seriesandtv.com I´m trying to do my best to help, and therefore offering this space to all those webseries creators that may be around to help put the voice out about their shows. In this one, The Unemployment of Danny London, the show follows Danny, a PR guy who finds himself without a job due to layoffs, who struggles to adapt to his new life and those around him that just don’t understand. It’s a lighthearted look at the trials and tribulations of one man’s unemployment.

An independent sitcom web series, “The Unemployment Of Danny London” contains 12 episodes in each new season, with a new episode released twice a month.

A web Series created and directed by Doug Cwiak and written by Mark Troy, with Keith Qoodhams Jr as Director of Photography; and a cast starring Danny Lippin as Danny London, Sharon Swainson as his wife Allie, Michael Patrick McGill as the boss who fires him Larry, Jessica Tomé as Gabby, Alizé Lozier as Angel, Brigitte Lozier as Angelique, Céline Lozier as Angelica, Lynne Connor as Jeanette, Ernest Harden Jr as Todd, Colette Freedman as Franny, Matt Braaten as Elmer, Susyn Elise Duris as Miriam, Stacy Snyder as Carol and Teruko Kataoka as Rika.

This web series is the audience choice winner in Short ´N´Spirits film festival 2010 in Los Angeles, and an audience choice selection for New Media Film Festival 2011 in Los Angeles and a nominee for Indie Intertube best of 2010 awards; so you know there´s quality behind it. Danny Lippin is also a nominee as best actor in the Indie Intertubes.

Show´s already on Episode 5 and keeps going. With a first season of 12 episodes scheduled.

Best Quotes from The Unemployment of Danny London Web Series


Larry: The move to put Johnny Depp in a sombrero was sheer genius

Elmer: We´ll have to change casual fridays to knocker fridays

Allie: You are a champion publicist Danny, but you could do better

Danny: We had sex… uh made love all night…

Danny: Are we restructuring?
Larry: No, we are firing

Larry: Don´t make it personal
Danny: You are firing me and it´s not personal?
Larry: Well, to you it´s personal

Danny: You are going to suck at this job

Allie´s mom: The white ass little boy that our Allie thinks she loves

Danny´s Sister: I´m a botanist… plants eat too honey

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