One of the most interesting categories of Non Fiction in my opinion are Biographies and True Crime books. I love reading about history and some of the books are truly delving inside the minds of the cruelest most evil people that have been through this world.
I´ve reviewed several books of True Crime, I´ve devoured Nigel Cawthorne´s books, as well as those of Christopher Berry-Dee.
In this review, I´ll take a look at Rodney Castleden book: The World´s Most Evil People, The Epitome of Evil.

world-most-evil-people-book-reviewThis is indeed a big book that goes through several kinds of evil people from history of mankind. 576 pages filled with information, The book has been published by Canary Press and it is a book that has a few years. For instance, in it, Osama Bin Laden was still alive.
The book is a good read, and has lots of people reviewed. There are all the must be in there: The Hitlers, the Jack the Rippers and the Caligulas, sure… but then there are some people that could be left out of it, and a lot of people who should be in that are not.

What is not such a good thing in my mind is that, even though every book is biased, this one show those bias a lot more. And in many cases, especially when discussing presidents of foreign countries he is condemning harshly the evil of those who brought war to others, but strangely enough, there is no USA President in the list. And it is a book of 576 pages! And let´s be honest, if someone deserves to be there as president of a country that brings war to others, there should at least be a couple of potus there.

It´s not that big of a deal as it is anyways a good read, but there are some typos and some historical mistakes or inaccuracies that tend to make one wonder about the rest of the things one does not know, how accurate they are.

All in all, especially these days that the Kindle Edition of the book is priced at 3 bucks, it is worth it. I´m not going to recommend it in Paperback though as I´m not sure you´ll be as happy if you spend 27 dollars in this one.

In case you want to take a look at the Amazon link for this book, you can check it here.

As a disclaimer, this book was purchased by me, not provided by the author or publisher, and all opinions are mine.

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