On the January 5th edition of “The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur” on Current TV, Cenk debuted a new segment, “Media Watch.” Catch the clip below, along with other highlights from tonight’s program. “The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur” airs live weeknights at 7pm ET on Current TV.
Establishment Media Watch: Months of NDAA debate, zero prime time coverage on CNN
Throughout the entire debate, threatened veto and signing of the National Defense Authorization Act, CNN — “the so-called most-trusted name in news” — never once covered the bill in prime time, and of five daytime mentions only two were more than a passing mention. One story even managed to find a lawyer in favor of NDAA. “Leave it to CNN to give you that kind of nonsense balance,” Cenk says. “Do real news!”

Making ‘Media Watch’: Why we’re going after way more than CNN’s outrageous lack of NDAA coverage [Behind the Scenes]
In the first-ever Media Watch, Cenk went after CNN for its outrageous lack of coverage of the National Defense Authorization Act. “It’s not just about CNN and it’s not just about this issue,” Cenk says. “It’s so many issues where they don’t do the news justice. So much of Americans get their news from television. It’s especially incumbent on television to do their job. That’s why we’re doing media watch.”

‘Have Republicans just stopped pretending that they’re not racist?’: Power Panel calls the GOP out
“Have Republicans just stopped pretending that they’re not racist?” Cenk asks the Power Panel of Craig Crawford, Laura Bassett and Adele Stan. Of Gingrich going to the NAACP and calling President Obama a “food stamp president,” Crawford says, “It’s not just a dog whistle — humans can hear that one. It’s very passive aggressive…but we know what it means.” Bassett adds, “Racism has become so embedded in the Republican rhetoric that they don’t even consider it racism any more. They consider it the normal way things are.”

Why Gary Johnson won’t team up with Ron Paul and other stories you missed on ‘The Young Turks’
In Thursday’s show, Cenk goes after Rick Santorum’s “blah” people problems, gets Gov. Gary Johnson to say why he won’t run with Ron Paul, Ana explains how a little daily pot may actually improve your memory and a Fox News “legal analyst” complains that liberal media is ruining the GOP field. Be sure to watch Friday’s show for more of “The Young Turks.”

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