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If you are a struggling actor you may be having some trouble finding a job in Hollywood, but if you are a Stamp, maybe your chances are higher than you expected.

You can be a lot of things, from date stamps to rubber stamps or even self ink stamps, bt you will surely find a lot of screen time both on television shows and on movies.

Most common Stamps on TV and Films Ranking:

1- Top Secret Stamp: Every Spy Show, every government movie has one file with the red stamp that says top secret in it.

2- Censored Stamp: Oh that´s one that has a lot of room on screens. And it has affected movies and shows outside of the screen too.

3- The Dharma Initiative Stamps: The world stopped every week that a new episode of Lost appeared, and ever since Locke found the hatch, there were Dharma Initiative Stamps all around. Good times for being a stamp, huh?

4- The Vamp Stamp: Maybe not a stamp per se, but HBO has promoted last season of True Blood with Vamp Stamp posters all over.

5- My Name is Earl: The presentation was Jason Lee, as Earl, explaining how he understood the concept of karma; and when the title sequence finished, My Name is Earl appeared on a red stamp. It´s not the only show that´s done it… but it is certainly the one I miss the most.

What do you think? Do you remember any other good “role” for stamps on TV or Movies?

Let me know in the comments section. 

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