There are new originals on USA Network this week.
And that means all new episodes of Covert Affairs, Burn Notice and Psych.

Watch Covert Affairs “Uberlin” – Tuesday 11/8 at 10/9c on USA

Annie Walker heads to Berlin in this week’s COVERT AFFAIRS. Filmed on location in one of Europe’s most dynamic cities, it’s a complex episode full of history and suspense as Annie targets a former Stasi agent that Arthur Campbell knew at the end of the Cold War.

Watch Psych “Dead Man’s Curveball” – Wednesday 11/9 at 10/9c on USA

PSYCH is a homerun this week with out-of-this-league guest stars Danny Glover and baseball legend Wade Boggs (as himself).  After the hitting coach of Santa Barbara’s minor league baseball team mysteriously dies, Shawn and Gus are brought in undercover to get to the bottom of it.

Watch Burn Notice “Breaking Even” – Thursday 11/10 at 10/9c.on USA

Indigo (Weeds, Treme) guest stars in the new episode of BURN NOTICE, as an accessory to the gang murder of one of Michael’s childhood friends. We also see Sam Axe on an undercover mission…on a college campus!

What do you think? Will you watch Covert Affairs, Psych and Burn Notice this week on USA? Let me know in the comments section.
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