jack-kevin-arnold-golf-wonder-yearsI wanted to talk a bit about sports, but also vary out of my usual basketball talk. So this time, why not talk a little about golf, right?
And for this, I´ll remember three memorable TV golf scenes, since after all, it is the time of year of the Devonshire at PGA National and golf will be all some people will talk about. Well… that happens a lot of the time anyways.
Two of these memorable scenes are from classic Television, and one that happened on a reality TV show this very season.

Memorable Golf Scene #1: The Wonder Years

In what was one of the best shows of the late eighties and early nineties, and In my opinion, one of the best shows still these days; The Wonder Years had a great episode in which Jack Arnold and Kevin Arnold are joined in the golf course, with Kevin being the caddy to Jack´s boss.

The scenes start as a comedy bit where Jack lets his boss win, but turns out to be a very touching scene where we get to see how the Hero that is always dad to a kid is in a vulnerable situation, and no longer in command. Subtlety and precision. The episode is everything that is good with The Wonder Years.

Memorable Golf Scene #2: Seinfeld


Seinfeld, the show about nothing is one of the staples in TV comedy. And Kramer was one of the most out there characters ever too, played by the uber histrionic Michael Richards. In this episode, Kramer is practicing his drive in the beach, throwing ball after ball after ball to the Ocean, and getting better at golf by the minute.

In typical Seinfeld fashion, things turn to the crazier side as George Costanza, in his attempt to conquest a lady´s heart poses as a Marine Biologist, and when he was walking the beach with the lady in question, finds a whale that is ill. Since he is posing as Marine biologist, people wants him to try and save the whale, only to find out that the problem was an obstruction caused by Kramer´s golf ball on the whale´s blowhole.

Memorable Golf Scene #3: Extreme Weight Loss

In one of the latest episodes of this reality TV show, to prove a point, Chris Powell, the weight loss guru tries to have his client be the caddy to her husband, while carrying all her prior overweight in a bag.

The catch is, only when the husband makes a par or birdie, she can drop some pounds off the bag. Talk about pressure. And the husband crumbles in the pressure making bogey after bogey. A great scene in which you can feel her disappointment, and his stress for not delivering.

Of course there are tons and tons of great golf scenes on TV´s history. But these are three that caught my eye. What is your favorite golf scene on TV? Let me know in the comments section.