kirstie-cancelled-renewed-tvlandTVLand has a nice track record of shows coming back. But hey, nobody can have a 100% rate on anything. So with that being said, TVLand cancelled Kirstie after its first season.
The show did only ok in the ratings, despite having a huge comedic cast headlined by Kirstie Alley, Michael Richards and Rhea Perlman.

The freshman run of the show had ended several months ago, but after the departure of Marco Pennette as showrunner due to personal reasons, it ended up being in a limbo. It was a tough choice for the cabler, but it ended up being the one needed: Cancelling Kirstie.

“Kirstie” revolved around Madison “Maddie” Banks (Kirstie Alley), a renowned Broadway star who finds her life turned upside down when Arlo (Eric Petersen), the son she gave up at birth, suddenly appears hoping to connect after his adoptive parents have died. However, Maddie doesn’t exactly see nerdy and schlubby Arlo fitting in with her luxurious lifestyle. But when Maddie’s assistant and best friend, Thelma (Rhea Perlman), and outlandish driver Frank (Michael Richards) encourage her to give Arlo a chance, Maddie is shocked to find that perhaps she has motherly instincts after all.

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