hit-the-floor-cancelled-renewed-season-three-vh1Hit the Floor, the cheerleader show on VH1 has been renewed for a third season for next year; as season two is yet to have its finale next August 11th.
“‘Hit The Floor’ delivered again with fantastic ratings and social media engagement in season two, especially among women,” VH1’s EVP of Original Programming and Production Susan Levison said. “We look forward to seeing what kind of trouble the Devil Girls will get into next season.”

Set in the world of professional basketball, “Hit The Floor’s” season one finale shook up Devils Nation with a new All-Star, a new Devil Girls Director and several new hook-ups. The series, which averaged 1.9 million viewers in its debut season, will pick up right where the juicy drama between the Devil Girls dance team and the coaches and players left off.

Now that Ahsha is single, there’s room for her and Derek to explore a relationship. Sloane has taken the job as Devil Girl Director, adding tension to an already strained mother-daughter relationship. Jelena, team captain, keeps a close eye on Ahsha and Sloane, watching for any opportunity to get rid of them both.

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