ThreeWeeksThreeKids_anna_chlumsky_warren_christieAnna Chlumsky stars in this movie from Hallmark Channel called Three Weeks Three Kids that premieres Saturday, May 7 (9 p.m. ET/PT, 8C)

Jennifer Mills is a beautiful, free-spirited twenty-something who lives life without commitments. Her fear of settling down is immediately obvious on the job at a graphic design company, where she is hesitant about accepting a promotion. Meanwhile, Jennifer’s sister Mandy is the exact opposite. Although older, she has settled into a busy life with a husband and three kids.
Jennifer stops by Mandy’s house on the way home from work to give her some travel guides—Mandy and her husband Brian are finally taking a long-awaited honeymoon after years of marriage, leaving their daughters, Alice, fifteen, and Flo, twelve, and son, Miles, eight, at home. The kids’ grandparents are supposed to fly up from Florida to watch the kids for three weeks. As Jennifer is running out the door she careens into Will, the handsome guy buying his aunt’s house across the street.
The next day, as Mandy is doing some last minute packing, her mom, Kathryn, calls. Mandy’s dad, Russell, fell and bruised his hip. They won’t be able to come watch the kids for a couple days.

Best Quotes and Spoilers from Three Weeks Three Kids, Hallmark Channel movie

Mandy: “We are not leaving our children with Jennifer!”
That´s the phrase that kickstarts everything.

Jennifer´s Boss: I don´t know what it is with your generation
Jennifer: I´m not my generation. I´m just me

Flo: Why am I so off the loop? This is why I need a cell phone

Jennifer: Part of this temporary mom thing is making dinner, so No Mojitos for me.
And You can already root against the current boyfriend. One scene and you want her to find someone better. Folks at Hallmark Channel are good at this. Establishing early on that a DB needs to be dumped in order for our lead to find The One.

The bullying of the little one, the crushes from the bigger one, and the cool aunt act can get her in trouble probably.

The dialog between Jennifer and Ray goes like
“Sure… I´m not doing it for free”
“Ok, how much?”
And you already want Jennifer to choose him over the boyfriend.

And that´s all I can tell you… I won´t spoil more… You´ll have to watch Three Weeks Three Kids.

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