Glee was finally back after some weeks of hiatus. And tonight it came back with an all new original episode called A Night of Neglect where Proving that birds of a feather flock together, when another under-the-radar club at McKinley High needs helps raising funds, the glee club signs up to help. But when Sue hears about the show of support, she moves quickly to put the kibosh on it. Meanwhile, relationships are tested and big decisions will be made.

Best Quotes from Glee S02E17 – A Night of Neglect

Sue: We all have one thing in common: We all hate Will Schuester

Sue: A call this reunion, “The League of Doom”

Sue: You will be known by the following supervillain nicknames: Sandy Ryerson you are the Pink Dagger, You are the Honey Badger; nature most ferocious animal. Look it up on YouTube. Dustin Goolsby: Sargeant Handsome. My nickname will be General Zod.

Holly: I am both awesome and unavailable at the same time

Sue: Sargeant Handsome, follow me

Mike: It´s going to be just me and my sweet moves on that stage

Sunshine Corazon: I have 600 followers on Twitter, I can get them all to come

Sargeant Handsome: Let me tell you something about Will Schuester, that guy has tiny baby hands. Seriously, that´s weird

Jacob: I´ll be 18 in three years. Wait for me

The Pink Dagger: I´m getting back in, that Glee club will not know what hit them

Holly: She´s totally into you too

Songs from Glee S02E17 – A Night of Neglect

Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco AKA Charice, as Sunshine Corazon sang Celine Dion´s All By Myself

Jenna Ushkowitz as Tina Cohen Chang performed I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li

Harry Shum Jr, Mike Chang danced Bubble Toes from Jack Johnson. Harry Shum Jr is a great dancer. I really hope he gets invited to guest star in So You Think You Can Dance or something.

Gwyneth Paltrow as Holly Holiday sang Adele´s Turning Tables, and that sounded very much like Will Schuester and Holly Holiday breaking up opening the field up for an Emma and Will romance soon.

Amber Riley´s Mercedes Jones performed Aretha Franklin´s Ain´t No Way

Recap from Glee S02E17 – A Night of Neglect

Recap by MikeSaros

Open at a glee club meeting. Will tells the gang they need $5,000 to pay for the trip to nationals in New York. Apparently the Cheerios money is tied up in off-shore accounts. Will’s master plan is for them to sell 25,000 pieces of saltwater taffy at 25 cents apiece. The kids talk about the fact no one will buy candy from them because “nobody cares about us.” This upsets Mike and we learn that he, Kurt, Tina and Brittany are on the school’s Brainiac team and recently defeated Carmel (and Sunshine Corazon) to win a trip to Detroit for the finals of the Smarty Pants show. (Brittany was a last-minute replacement who ended up saving the day with her knowledge of cat diseases.) They need $250 for the trip and Will adds it to the taffy total.

Sue meets with Dustin Goolsby, Sandy Ryerson and Terri Schuester. The four of them all share a hatred for the glee club and she has brought them together to help her bring down Will and New Directions. In true super-villain fashion she names the group — League of Doom — and gives every member a nickname. Ryerson is the Pink Dagger, Terri the Honey Badger, Goolsby is Sargent Handsome and Sue is General Zod.

Over pizza Will tells Holly she’s his first girlfriend who didn’t pester him to spend more time together. She says that’s not her style. She thinks his taffy sales plan is terrible and suggests a benefit. Will loves the idea because it will provide another chance to practice for nationals.

Will tells the kids the benefit will be a Night of Neglect and they will only sing songs by neglected artists.

Sue gives her minions their missions: Goolsby is to break up Will and Holly, while Ryerson is instructed to start a heckling club at the school in order to disrupt the benefit.

Tina’s plan is to perform Lykke Li, Mike says he’s going to focus on dancing and Mercedes is doing Aretha Franklin. Rachel walks up and says she wants to end the benefit with Celine Dion, with the idea being that Rachel herself is the neglected artist.

Sunshine arrives at McKinley saying she wants to help with the benefit since she knows what it’s like to be neglected. She has 600 Twitter followers she can ask to come to the benefit. The kids are worried she might be a spy, but let her perform “All By Myself” to show them what she’s got.

Afterwards Rachel is the only one unsure about Sunshine. She gives in, telling Mercedes this means she’ll be bumped to the middle slot.

Lauren approaches Mercedes in the library. She says that despite being the most talented singer in the club Mercedes doesn’t demand enough respect. Mercedes agrees to let Lauren be her manager.

A stressed-out Emma is having flair-ups with her OCD. She tells Will that Carl is gone and she is filled with regret about the direction of her life. Will helps her with her obsessive cleaning as “a friend you can count on.” Holly sees this through a window.

Finn and Quinn ask Rachel to be the benefit’s Head of Talent Relations. Mercedes and manager Lauren are becoming difficult to please.

After class Goolsby shows up in Holly’s room and begins hitting on her aggressively. She isn’t into it and Will shows up at the end and threatens to punch Goolsby if he doesn’t get lost. After Goolsby leaves Will and Holly get into an argument.

Rachel is catering to Mercedes demands. Mercedes agrees to go on stage before Rachel and Sunshine only if she’s carried around the day of the concert.

Just before the start of the benefit Kurt and Blaine run into Karofsky in hall. He calls them names and Blaine makes reference to “the truth about him.” Santana ends up defending the guys and chases Karofsky off. Santana looks at her phone and says “Oh crap.”

Santana runs to the choir room and says that according to Twitter Sunshine and her followers won’t be coming. Puck says there are only six people in the crowd and someone suggests they call it off. Finn says the show must go on.

Tina opens the show with “I Follow Rivers” and is immediately heckled by the crowd that consists almost entirely of Ryerson’s club. She stops and leaves the stage in tears.

Will comes backstage and says this is a good lesson for the guys to learn. They need to buck-up.

Prior to Mike going on stage for his dance number Quinn hands out taffy to the hecklers. With their mouths full they have nothing to say.

Mercedes is up next but Lauren says she refuses to go on and has “left the building.” Holly says she’ll deal with the haters.

Holly brings the hecklers to the library during intermission. She talks about the ramifications of anonymous online negativity — namely that it makes you “comfortable with insensitivity.” She tells them Tina has been crying for an hour and points out the good they could do by being positive. Instead they all say they’re leaving.

Rachel finds Mercedes sitting in her car in the parking lot. She tells Mercedes the way Aretha earned respect through her talent, not by ridiculous demands. Mercedes asks why Rachel is a bigger star than she is. Rachel responds that he would rather be a star than be liked. Rachel says if you wants the closing slot “go in there and take it from me.”

Sue pulls Ryerson out of the auditorium for a quick chat just before Holly takes the stage. Holly performs “Turning Tables” by Adele. Will is the lone member of the audience.

Sue tells Ryerson he’s a terrible super-villain since his hecklers left. She sends him back in there to get the job done by himself.

Mercedes returns ready to sing. She starts to sing “Ain’t No Way” and Rysson says to himself: “I love this song.” Mercedes brings the house down and Rachel tells her she can’t possibly follow her.

Holly tells Will she got a four-month offer to teach in Cleveland. She says he knew she was allergic to commitment and it would always end this way. Holly thinks Will is in love with someone else and “she’s totally into you too.” Holly breaks up with Will.

Will finds Ryerson in the choir room talking to the kids. Mercedes’ performance gave him a change of heart and he’s agreed to fund their trip.

With Ryerson and Goolsby having let her down, Sue turns to Terri. “Your time has come.”

The Smarty Pants final in Detroit comes down to a tie-breaking question. It’s something they just went over in Holly’s history class.

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