We all know Bill Maher is hilarious, right?

Well… know he´s up to another crazy idea of his…

To help you throw your own Obama Inaugural Celebration Ceremony!


Well… he prepared a party kit you can download at his website.

It includes: T-shirt legends, Coasters, the bathroom sign, buttons, nametags, and many many more thing to have a good time.

As he says it: “Can’t make it down to D.C.? Throw your own damn inaugural ball with the Real Time Inauguration Party Pack. With downloadable nametags, coasters and t-shirt transfers, your celebration will be as good as the real thing – and you don’t have to pee in a portable toilet.

If you are still on the fence wether Bill Mahe is or not hilarious… check his website and watch some of his videos.

Do lou like Bill Maher?