Twitter is a microblogging site that´s growing oh so rapidly…

And celebrities are on Twitter too.

What is Twitter?

First things first: Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages.  People write short updates, often called “tweets”  of 140 characters or fewer.  These messages are posted to your profile or your blog, sent to your followers, and are searchable on Twitter search.

How Do I Find My Friends on Twitter?

When you create an account, you can search for people by name or user name, import friends from other networks, or invite friends via email.  If you don’t want to do that, follow some of the people we’ve suggested. Once you’ve found your friends, follow them to start getting their updates.

How can I find my favourite celebrities Twitter accounts to follow?

You can check all the celebrities in this post, and look up for weekly updates on Series and TV. So Suscribe to it.

  • To follow Stephen Fry on Twitter, follow @stephenfry.
  • To follow Dave Matthews on twitter, follow @davejmatthews.
  • To follow John Cleese on twitter, follow @JohnCleese.
  • To follow Luke Wilson on Twitter, follow @LukeWilson.
  • To follow Brea Grant on Twitter, follow @breagrant.
  • To follow Tina Fey on Twitter, follow @TinaFey.
  • To follow Greg Grunberg on Twitter, follow @greggrunberg.
  • To follow Michael Urie on Twitter, follow @michaelurie.
  • You can also follow us and all Series and TV insights at @seriesandtv.