monty-python-best-shows-writers-flying-circusFolks at Online College Courses made an interesting article about the top ten Shows that Writers really love.

As they say: Anything involving the written or spoken word provides lessons on what to do and what not to do when telling a story or conveying a thesis statement. Even though television today supposedly swarms with some of the most ridiculous, self-absorbed personalities and mind-numbing cliches, the history of the medium (up to and including the current era) still includes some sterling examples of excellent writing.

So, What are the shows they claim are the writers´ favourites? Let´s see

Top Ten Best TV Shows for Writers

1- Monty Python´s Flying Circus:

This one I can´t be agreeing more! Monty Python was, is, and always will be one of the best shows ever, with a distinctive humour.

2- Mad Men:

No wonder Mad Men has so many awards.

3- The Venture Bros

Excellent show to learn about deconstruction.

4- The Wire

A not so cliche police show.

5- Lost

A Tolkienic kind of mythology in the new era.

6- Masterpiece

It moves through a miryad of literary genres.

7- Extras

It´s Ricky Gervais, need I say more?

8- Space Ghost: Coast to Coast

A Cartoon talk show. That´s original.

9- Star Trek

Talk about learning how to become cult.

10- Stella

A Monty Pythonesque type of show.

I guess both Dexter and Six Feet Under should have had a place in the top ten, but it was not my original list.

What do you think? What are the top ten Best TV Shows for Writers?

Head to the comments and let me know.