krista-allen-joins-life-unexpected-castingIn great piece of Casting News from Life Unexpected we get that former Emmanuelle Krista Allen is joining Life Unexpected.

As we already know, Baze has a new job, and as we may already expect, Baze will have an affair with his boss.

But what could happen when you toss in the picture say Krista Allen? Well, she´s Krista Allen, so chemistry and fireworks should be the right answer.

Krista Allen joining Life Unexpected as Candy, a multimillionaire named Candy who is coveted by Baze´s boss as a client.

When Emma and Baze attend a lavish party at Candy’s house, she is put off by Emma but turned on by Baze.

Krista Allen joining Life UneXpected is bringing the show into a whole new level… but will Krista Allen story arc last? We still don´t know, and certainly hope so, but we are not that confident. Sounds as writers are more invested in developing the Emma – Baze affair, making Krista Allen´s character something to heat that romance up rather than a whole new love interest for Baze.

What do you think about the casting of Krista Allen in Life Unexpected? Do you think she´s way out of Baze´s league?

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