spartacus-blood-sand-casting-call-auditionWe were wondering last week what would happen and if Spartacus Blood and Sand would be cancelled due to health issues from his star.

Good news are, Spartacus Blood and Sand won´t be cancelled, but recast. Sad news are Andy Whitfield will leave the show permanently because he needs to adress his health which is far more important than a TV Show.

Therefore, after the decision to recast Spartacus role on Spartacus Blood and Sand, Webber & Associates casting company will have some work to do to have a casting call audition for Spartacus Blood and Sand in order to recast the main role.

How to participate in Spartacus Blood and Sand Casting Call Audition?

In order to take your chances as the new Spartacus, you´ll need to be contacted. As They inform me: It is not an open casting call, and they are only recasting the lead role.

Are you going to watch Spartacus Blood And Sand after the lead is recast?

Let me know how it goes.

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