What do The Simpsons, Jaws, King Kong, The Mummy, WaterWorld, have in common? They are all in Universal Studios Theme Park in Los Angeles, California.

Universal-Studios-Theme-Park-Tour-EntranceAnd you can visit it and take the Universal Studios Tour I did for my entertainment tourism trip. (For more info on the tours and how to buy tickets).

What do you need to know about Universal Studios Tour? Well, I will summarize it for you in some pointers.

Things you need to know about Universal Studios Tour in LA

1- Bring your camera with card space and batteries loaded:

I took around 500 photos at Universal Studios… and yes… I went alone.  Imagine how many pictures you´ll be taking if you go with friends and family. A ton.

2- Go Early:

The Park opens at 10 AM. Be there early, as soon as it opens, so you can enjoy every single ride, and some of them you´ll want to do twice or more times even.

3- Bring your sneakers:

The Studios are very big, and if you do as I say and go early, and visit each and every ride, you may very well be around eight to ten thousand steps. If your shoes are not comfortable, you´ll notice at night.

4- Bring your inner child:

Universal-Studios-Tour-Park-SimpsonsYou can take photos with Shrek, with The Simpsons, and many more.  You will be smiling all day. Embrace your inner child!

5- Be ready to enter Jurassic Park:

You will look up, you will get sneaked upon, you will get spit by dinosaurs. That´s what I call a fun day!

6- Have faith in the monkey:

You will enter the biggest 4D in the world. And you will get excited. And in the end, you will thank King Kong for it. I don´t want to spoil what happens there, but Peter Jackson and Universal Studios did a veeeery good job on that ride.

7- Don´t put away your camera in the stairs:

You will get the best panoramic photos of LA. The stairs take quite some time to ride them, use it wisely to take pictures. But please, use one hand to hold yourself.

8- Be ready to say “ohhh” and “ahhh”:

The rides are so much fun, you will be screaming, and shouting. And you´ll also say some ohs and ahs when on the Tour your guide explains some things.

9- Be ready to get scared:

There is absolutely no better haunted house than the House of Horrors. A chill will run through your spine all the way thorugh.

10- Bring some extra cash:

You will enter the Universal Studios Store, and you will want to buy a lot. You will want to get something either for you or to giveaway.

11- Sit on the right of the cart:

Universal-Studios-Theme-Park-Studios-Tour-PsicosisThere´s a lot to see on both sides. From the right and from the left of the tour cart. But the places you´ll want the best picture… are from the right.

12- Do NOT miss Waterworld Show:

I know, I know… the movie wasn´t all that great. But Universal Studios Waterworld Show is a gazillion times better. It is probably one of the most exciting live shows to watch. Do not miss it.

13- Visit It! Do not miss it!

It is very much worth it. If you can only do one thing in Los Angeles, it should be visiting Universal Studios, no questions asked. You will enjoy yourself very much there.

14- Directions to Warner Bros Studios Tour:

Universal City, CA

For a map, click here.

Parking fees start at $10 (From 3 PM to park closing)

From Park opening thru 3 PM: $15

Recreational Vehicles: $17

15- Prizes:

General Admittance is $77, and the Front of the Line Pass is $149.

So, what do you think? Will you visit Universal Studios Tour when in LA? You should!

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