usa-midsummer-contest-giveawayAll of USA great shows are coming to Summer Mid Season finales, and it´s my time of the year to honor those great shows; after all Royal Pains had midseason finale, White Collar had midseason finale, Burn Notice, and the rest of the shows had them or they´ll have it in the next couple of weeks.

So, here, it´s time to giveaway via contest, a USA Network Summer Essentials prize pack.

As you can see in the picture, the whole pack is great!

It includes:

– A waterproof Nautical Tote Bag
– Zipbuds with Custom USA Pull
– Edith A Miller Nautical Shirt for Women
– J Crew Navy Polo Shirt for Men
– Bobbi Brown Beach Body Lotion & Scrub
– Surfrider Bobble Water Bottle
– Jogo Head Hammock in Green
– Jogo Head Hammock in Blue
– Haagen Dazs $25 Gift Card
– Customized Ice Cream Scoop
– Plush Navy Beach Towel with USA Summer Logo
– Entertainment Weekly Summer Guide
– The New Yorker Talk of the Town Special Issue
– Ray Ban Unisex Aviator Sunglasses

If you were to buy it, it would cost $590. So as you see it is a very nice prize pack to win!

How to win this prize pack?

It is quite easy, you should leave a comment (make sure to put a valid e-mail address in the form) stating which is the storyline you are most anxious to see when your favourite USA show come back.

This contest will be up nad running until September 10th.

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