the-big-c-canceled-renewed-season-three-showtimeIn another expected news for our review of the renewed shows on 2011 and all the cancelled shows on 2011, we get official confirmation for something we were very much taking as a given.

Showtime renews The Big C for season three. The Big C is closing in on the second season, setting up finale for Monday September 26th, where we can confirm that Cathy Jameson is not dying from cancer in the finale (duh!).

Renewal order for season three of The Big C consists of a ten episode run that will start production early next year, to air in the second quarter of 2012.

What is The Big C about? Plot Synopsis for seaso two

This season, Cathy progressed from Denial to Anger on the grief cycle and has become an all-out warrior in the fight against her Stage 4 melanoma, while her husband, Paul (Oliver Platt), stepped up to become her greatest advocate and treatment “cancierge.” She’s joined in her fight by her new oncologist, Dr. Atticus Sherman (special guest appearance by Alan Alda), and charming new buddy Lee (special guest appearance by Hugh Dancy), a fellow patient in an experimental clinical trial. Meanwhile, son Adam (Gabriel Basso) sparks an odd friendship with an eccentric older woman (special guest appearance by Parker Posey), and Andrea (special guest star Gabourey Sidibe) finds love with Paul’s co-worker Myk (guest star Boyd Hollbrook). Sean (John Benjamin Hickey), now living in Marlene’s (special guest star Phyllis Somerville) old house, prepares for impending fatherhood as he rides the emotional rollercoaster that is Rebecca’s (special guest star Cynthia Nixon) pregnancy.

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