project-shiphunt-preview-current-tvCurrent TV is used to bring us great documentaries, and next tuesday is not the exception, when they premiere Project Shiphunt on August 30, 9PM ET.
“Project Shiphunt” is a Current TV, Sony Electronics and Intel Corporation collaboration which enabled a group of young explorers in Michigan to discover shipwrecks in the deep waters of Lake Huron using Sony VAIO laptop computers powered by second-generation Intel Core processors (see attached release for more info). It is a follow up to last year’s incredibly popular “Rocket Project” which challenged eight high school students to launch a Rocket into Earth’s stratosphere using Sony VAIO laptop computers.

Little Preview for Project Shiphunt premiere

July 12, 1915… Disaster on Shipwreck ally.
The most dangerous waters.

That´s the base for the mission on Proect Shiphunt, and sets the tone for what seems to be a very interesting journey for these five students chosen to find the truth of these Shipwrecks, one hundred years later, and using laptops.

We are talking Michigan, a place known for automobiles and industry, but Saginaw 2011 is the place where Arthur Hill High School is, and where they pick the students to join Project Shiphunt.

To summarize, if you are interested in the history part of Shipwrecks, you should check this show, if you are interested in technology, you should check this show, and if you are interested in education, you should check this show.
What good tv is about.

What do you think? Will you watch Project Shiphunt on Current TV premiering Tuesday August 30 9PM ET? Let me know in the comments section.
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