hola sim phone cardOn our last month-long trip to cover both Florida and Texas we gave a lot of apps and gadgets and ways to go around a try. One of those was HolaSim. What is it? It is a prepaid mobile phone card with an enclosed chip, that allows you to be able to use your international phone without the need of roaming costs, using the Internet, and all in all, save some money and still be connected.

If your main goal is to use your phone to be able to call the hotel, be connected for some arrangements you need to do over the phone, then how this phone card works is extremely easy; you cutout the enclosed chip (make sure you cutout the right size as there are two options), and just remove the chip from your phone, and add the one from the phone card in. You are all set to go.
If you want to be also connected to the Internet when there´s no WiFi, then you will have to make some changes in the config, but there is a step by step both on the card holder and the website.

Good thing about HolaSim is that once you get the first phone card delivered to you, it never expires; you use the same one, and add credit to it via the website, which is pretty self explanatory and usable.

Our experience with the phone card was very good, as we used a lot of telephone calls, mostly because we were trying to do several last minute bookings over the phone, and we also needed to double check our meetings.
Even though the United States have a long and wide coverage of WiFi spots, having the phone card is also useful when you need to connect and there is no wifi signal around, or it wasn´t free. Funnily enough, when we were on the AT&T center in San Antonio, the signal was terrible, and we ended up using our mobiles connected to the web via HolaSim.

Two things that are important to take notice before purchasing a HolaSim phone card:

  • The telephone must be unlocked, if you are using a locked phone it won´t work.
  • Even though HolaSim work on 190 countries, make sure the one you are visiting is one of those. Sometimes, on some exotic destinations, international phone cards cannot be used (as is the case of the French Polinesia).

In summary, getting a phone card like HolaSim if you are traveling to a different country is a very good option, as prices are much lower than those of international roaming. Especially good if you are an international traveler going to the United States.

Have you tried this kind of tools to save on your trips? Let me know your experience, or leave other savings tips. Also, you can follow me on Twitter or my other social media for more travel reviews and travel tips.