current-vanguard-drug-trafficking-documentary-mexico-borderCurrent TV has been working on a three-part special for this fall that will show a behind-the-scenes look at an actual midnight border crossing and an operation to bring down Mexican drug trafficking organizations that are flooding the hungry U.S. market with drugs.

And in this case it´s time for the second part of the documentary.

“Vanguard: War on the Border,” premieres Monday, November 22nd at 9pm ET (release below). The Peabody-Award winning series, explores the highly-charged issue of U.S.-Mexico border control. Part One (which premiered Nov. 15th), took an in-depth look at the issues of immigration and human smuggling between the U.S./Mexico border–in next Monday’s installment, correspondent and exec producer Adam Yamaguchi focuses on the drug trafficking trade and how cartels are moving their marijuana-cultivating businesses across the border into U.S. Federal lands, bringing the drug war much closer to home.  In the episode, Yamaguchi embeds with a task force working to take down Mexican drug trafficking organizations operating in the US.

In the second and third parts of the special, “Vanguard” takes a deeper look at the drug trafficking trade between Mexico and the U.S.  Mexican cartels in the U.S. now make more money from marijuana than from cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin combined.  But now cartels are moving their marijuana-cultivating business across the border from Mexico into U.S. federal lands, making California a source state for marijuana. “Vanguard” executive producer and correspondent Adam Yamaguchi goes undercover to see how agents are working to dismantle the drug cartel operations popping up all over the U.S.   Yamaguchi joins an elite U.S. task force as they survey and eradicate multi-million dollar marijuana fields. Undercover operatives give Vanguard unprecedented access to their efforts to take down the marijuana growers, from the low-level planters, to the middlemen and drug transporters, and all the way up to the cartel members themselves. The DEA shows “Vanguard” how the tentacles of Mexican drug cartels are now reaching the east coast, where they are creating hubs of operation to distribute their drugs — bringing the war much closer to home.

Are you going to watch Current TV´s Vanguard documentary on drug trafficking second part that premieres November 22nd on Current TV?

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