Among the things one usually does when traveling is tasting the local restaurants. And in every one of our trips so far we have avoided fast food as much as possible, making a conscious effort not to go eat burgers, hot dogs or wings unless when on the run between one city and the other. In my mind thinking about burgers is like planning to go to a Mc Donald´s or Burger King, and really, that does not ring “vacation” to me. So, when folks at Boulevard Burgers invited us to visit them and taste “the Best Burgers in Town” when visiting St Pete, we gladly accepted, but to say the truth, we were a bit skeptical.

Boulevard Burgers St Pete Florida

Let´s talk about our visit. As soon as we got to Boulevard we realized it was a more intimate place with a cool beachy vibe, to go enjoy dinner, music and still be a few yards away from the beach.

Once we told the host our names and reservation, she showed us a table and introduced us to Alex, our server. She brought us the menu with tons of options, so we asked her to recommend us the two best options, so we could see if there was truth behind the claim when inviting us.
She suggested us two burgers:

The Godfather: A massive burger filled with mushrooms and fresg mozzarella, topped with ricotta cheese and marinara sauce, lettuce, tomato and cucumber. It came paired with Tater Tots. All that for $11.95.

Boulevard Burgers Godfather

This is the presentation of The Godfather at Boulevard Burgers in St Pete Florida.
Photo Credit: Dayana Barrionuevo –

And you would seriously need a big bite in order to take everything it got.

Boulevard Burgers Godfather

That is a lot of Burger!
Photo Credit: Dayana Barrionuevo –

The other burger Alex recommended us was the ´Shroom & Swiss: It comes with a topping of Swiss Cheese and mushrooms, lettuce, tomato and cucumber. It comes with swirled fries. It goes for $10.95.

Boulevard Burgers Shroom & Swiss

There is no chance your mouth does not water in the presence of Boulevard Burgers´ ´Shroom & Swiss.
Photo Credit: Guillermo Paz –

Ok, time for the verdict: Was it true what they told us? The Burgers were AMAZING! I never even thought a burger could be so good. Everything is quality and the flavors mix perfectly. The buns are good (there are two choices of bun, we chose one for each), the vegetables were fresh, cheese were first quality and the meat was exactly as asked (We asked Medium Well). The Tater Tots and Fries accompanying were done in fresh oil and it showed.

The biggest compliment a food writer can dom as we did is, the next day after we were invited by Boulevard to dine, we went again on our own to keep tasting new options.

Some extra details about visiting Boulevard Burgers:

  • There is free parking in the back. Not a huge one, but it is important, as there are no curbside parking in the front.
  • If you are from Latin America, where people dine late, make sure to check first if the kitchen is open or closed. We cam back to Boulevard and it was near midnight and the kitchen was indeed closed.
  • There are also veggie burger options, but we did not try them, so I can´t tell you much about those.
  • There is inside and outside seating. Since we were going to be discussing the burgers for our reviews we chose inside, but when you eat outside in a dock-like area, you can enjoy some live music too (depending on the night).
  • Boulevard is in the heart of St Pete, so if you are going to spend the day in the beach, you can go have an afternoon snack there, or lunch the best burgers in town.
  • The restaurant does not have delivery; but they are in the Food Now app, if you want to have them delivered to your hotel.
  • The only thing I don´t like about Boulevard? It´s too far from my hometown and that is the only reason I´m not a regular.

To close things out, we took a #SelfieWithTheServer with Alex after not only a great burger, but also great service from her and the staff.

Boulevard Burgers St Pete

#SelfieWithTheServer here Alex, the server, Dayana (my gf) in the middle and me.
Photo Credit: Guillermo Paz –