people-choice-awards-2011-poster-nominees-listWe already told you who the nominees were and how to vote for the People´s Choice Awards 2011.

Now it´s time for me to become Nostradmuslike and tell tou my votes and predictions

Favourite Movie

My Vote: Inception
My Prediction: Inception

Favourite Movie Actor

My Vote: Robert Downey Jr
My Prediction: Robert Pattinson

Favourite Movie Actress

My Vote: Julia Roberts
My Prediction: Katherine Heigl

Favourite Action Movie

My Vote: Kick Ass
My Prediction: Kick Ass

Favourite Action Star

My Vote: Robert Downey Jr
My Prediction: Bradley Cooper

Favourite Drama Movie

My Vote: Inception
My Prediction: Eclipse

Favourite Family Movie

My Vote: Shrek Forever After
My Prediction: Toy Story 3

Favourite Comedy Movie

My Vote: Date Night
My Prediction: Grown Ups

Favourite Comedic Star
My Vote: Tina Fey
My Prediction: Adam Sandler

Favourite On Screen Team
My Vote: Inception
My Prediction: Eclipse

Favourite Movie Star Under 25
My Vote: Emma Watson
My Prediction: Zac Efron

Favourite Horror Movie
My Vote: Let Me In
My Prediction: The Crazies

Favourite TV Drama
My Vote: House
My Prediction: House

Favourite TV Drama Actor
My Vote: Hugh Laurie
My Prediction: Ian Somerhalder

Favourite TV Drama Actress
My Vote: Lisa Edelstein
My Prediction: Kate Walsh

Favourite TV Comedy
My Vote: How I Met Your Mother
My Prediction: Modern Family
(This one I had big trouble, I´d seriously vote for either on of HIMYM, Modern Family or TBBT, and think Glee is deservedly a contender, and 2 and a half is the ratings juggernaut… so)

Favourite TV Comedy Actor
My Vote: Neil Patrick Harris
My Prediction: Jim Parsons
(How on earth is Ty Burrell not on this list????)

Favourite TV Comedy Actress
My Vote: Jane Lynch
My Prediction: Jane Lynch
(Love the other ones too, but seriously, with Sue Sylvester out there, it´s no fair competition)

Favourite Competition Show
My Vote: America´s Got Talent
My Prediction: Hell´s Kitchen

Favourite TV Crime Drama
My Vote: Lie To Me
My Prediction: NCIS

Favourite TV Crime Fighter
My Vote: Tim Roth
My Prediction: Simon Baker

Favourite SciFi / Fantasy Show
My Vote: Supernatural
My Prediction: Supernatural
(My Heart says “Bring Back Firefly”)

Favourite Talk Show Host
My Vote: Chelsea Handler
My Prediction: Oprah

Favourite TV Obsession
My Vote: Dexter
My Prediction: Dexter
(Here I am also obsessed with Burn Notice and White Collar, and starting the obsession on Pretty Little Liars)

Favourite TV Guilty Pleasure
My Vote: Tosh.0
My Prediction: Jersey Shore
(Tosh.0 is the only one thing here I can watch, so there goes my vote)

Favourite TV Guest Star
My Vote: Neil Patrick Harris
My Prediction: Betty White (And she will deservedly will win, it´s just I need to vote NPH anywhere I can)

Favourite TV Doctor:
My Vote: James Wilson
My Prediction: Gregory House

Favourite TV Family
My Vote: The Pritchetts / Dunphys
My Prediction: The Pritchetts / Dunphys

Favourite Family TV Movie
My Vote: iCarly: iPsycho
My Prediction: iCarly: iPsycho
(Didn´t watch any, but just going with my guts here)

Favourite TV Chef
My Vote: Gordon Ramsay
My Prediction: Gordon Ramsay

Favourite Male Artist
My Vote: Tim McGraw
My Prediction: Usher

Favourite Female Artist
My Vote: Carrie Underwood
My Prediction: Lady Gaga

Favourite Song
My Vote: Telephone
My Prediction: Telephone
(But I´d rather not listen to any of the above much)

Favourite Rock Band
My Vote: Nickelback
My Prediction: Daughtry
(I was hoping Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers made the cut)

Favourite Breakout Artist
My Vote: Selena Gomez
My Prediction: (Duh)

Favourite Pop Artist
My Vote: Lady Gaga
My Prediction: Lady Gaga
(At least so I can see more imitations like the nerd kids from the University)

Favourite Country Artist
My Vote: Rascal Flatts
My Prediction: Rascal Flatts

Favourite R&B Artist
My Vote: Mary J Blige
My Prediction: Usher

Favourite Hip Hop Artist
My Vote: Jay-Z
My Prediction: Snoop

Favourite Music Video
My Vote: Teenage Dream
My Prediction: Waka Waka

Favourite Web Celeb
My Vote: Betty White
My Prediction: Betty White

Favourite Viral Video Star
My Vote: Tarp Surfing
My Prediction: Double Rainbow

Who are you going to vote for?

Let me know in the comments section.