Tonight we are back for more American Idol auditions… well, while we wait, let´s review one of EW galleriesthe 12 best American Idol Auditions.

12- Sundance and Chris Sligh from Season 6.

Simon told Sundance “I´m gonna be amazed if you don´t make the finals“.

You can Watch Sundance Audition at American Idol here

Chris Sligh did a wow getting version of Kiss from a Rose. You can see Paula Abdul happy after his performance. And what he wanted was to make David Hasselhoff cry.

You can watch Chris Sligh Audition at American Idol here

11- Kelly Clarkson Audition in Season One (Didn´t air on audition episodes)

Her audition only aired when she reached the semifinals, but Kelly’s first small steps toward her crown were among her most entertaining. She showed up in a crazy shirt made by her… good thing she sings, not designs clothes, right?

Crazy crazy audition where she judges Randy… good vibes all along!

You can Watch Kelly Clarkson´s American Idol Audition here.

10- Amy Adams – Season 3

Well remembered both for her hair colour and for making Simon blush… and hey, also for a great version of Rescue Me.

You can Watch Amy Adams American Idol Audition Here

9. Lindsey Cardinale, ”Standing Right Next to Me” (season 4)

Paula Abdul told her she was hypnotic… that good was Lindsey´s audition.

Strangely, she ended twelveth…

You can Watch Lindsay Cardinale American Idol Audition Here

8. Kimberley Locke, ”Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (season 6)

Kimberley’s soaring yet controlled reinterpretation of the Wizard of Oz is classic. Forget Simon’s backhanded compliment about Kimberley championing ”vocals over image” — any way you look at it, the woman’s audition is a beauty.

You can Watch Kimberley Locke American Idol Audition here

7. Fantasia Barrino, ”Proud Mary” (season 3)

If you´re planning on actually becoming American Idol instead of just saying so, you must have an audition such as this one from season three winner of all.

You can Watch Fantasia Barrino American Idol Audition here

6. Taylor Hicks, ”A Change Is Gonna Come”/”Swanee River Rock” (season 5)

Simon hated him… but he proved him wrong by winning 5th season of American Idol…

You can Watch Taylor Hicks American Idol Audition here

5. Brandon Rogers, ”Always on My Mind” (season 6)

A one hit wonder who fell short after the audition… but a great audition.

You can Watch Brandon Rogers American Idol Audition here

4. Carrie Underwood, ”I Can’t Make You Love Me” (season 4)

When you come out and sing like her… you know you´re in the industry´s future for a long time. She went on to win it all in the fourth season.

You can Watch Carrie Underwood American Idol Audition here

3. Justin Guarini, ”Who’s Lovin’ You” (season 1)

We kinda expected more from him after American Idol… but hey, that audition was smokin´good.

You can Watch Justin Guarini American Idol Audition Here

2. Frenchie Davis, ”And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” (season 2)

If you get applauses from Simon, you know you´re in good shape… too bad those photos on the web deprived us of her talent in the show.

You can Watch Frenchie Davis American Idol Audition here

1. Paris Bennett, ”Cowboy Take Me Away”/”Take Five” (season 5)

Perhaps peeking to early in the competition, she ran out of gas and ended up fifth in season five… but in Audition time, she´s the winner of it all.

You can Watch Paris Bennett American Idol Audition here

As a Bonus Track, Our candidate for 2009 American Idol, Casey Carlson

What do you think about these moments?