And the finale for America´s Got Talent arrived and tonight we got to see the four final acts in the hope of winning and becoming this season´s best act in America.

Here I have all the videos that NBC released from America´s Got Talent Finale

Video: America’s Got Talent Finals Performances Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. Performs

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Who is Landau Eugene Murphy Jr, America´s Got Talent Finalist?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr ,was born in Logan, West Virginia, August 11, 1974. He is the son of Landau Eugene Murphy Sr. and Mona Lisa Murphy. Landau is the grandson of the late Rev. Cecil Murphy, one of the Five Pioneers, who was instrumental in his participation and growth in church and Sunday school activities. Landau has been entertaining family and friends since early childhood at local parties and school dances. Landau has always entertained, singing the songs of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations and many other amazing talents.

In 2003, Landau made a bet to his then girlfriend Jennifer Carter, that he could win a talent show contest at a local arts & crafts fair. So Landau did and won! The response that Landau received was so amazing that they asked him to sing every year after that. From then on, Landau kept entertaining close friends and relatives, all of whom supported him along the way doing shows for local charities such as the We Can Program, the local Chamber of Commerce, Childrens’ Home Society and local fairs. On Nov. 25, 2005, Landau and Jennifer wed as he continued to pursue his dream. He took a job washing cars at a car dealership in Chapmanville, West Virginia, to support his family of four children, and still he continued to practice. By the end of 2010, Landau realized that he really enjoyed the entertainment world and knew he had to do something big and get his talent out to the world. That’s what brought him to America’s Got Talent.

Video: America’s Got Talent Finals Performances Team iLuminate Performs

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Who are Team ILuminate, America´s Got Talent Finalists?

Team iLuminate brings explosive entertainers and a software  engineer together to explore the ultimate potential of the  hottest new entertainment technology. Using the first wearable,  wireless lighting system, this team is originating nonstop surprises  and illusions mixed with dancing. Each member of Team iLuminate brings an irreplaceable talent to the table, from flipping and popping, to electrifying choreography.   Miral Kotb, the mastermind of iLuminate formed the group two years ago choosing the best dancers in the country to turn the dream into reality. Working diligently day and night, the group is striving to advance the light suit design combined with the sharpest choreography to produce performances that have never been seen before. Appearing on the stages of America’s Got Talent is a true representation of what Team iLuminate and our country stand for together… hard work, invention, and the freedom of dreaming.

Video: America’s Got Talent Finals Performances POPLYFE Performs

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Who are PopLyfe, America´s Got Talent Finalists?

PopLyfe is a 6-member rock & soul band from Oakland, CA, whose members are all under 18. They got their start in the living room of their Musical Director 15 yr old Dylan Wiggins’ home. As the oldest son of legendary artist and producer D’Wayne Wiggins of Tony Toni Tone, it’s no surprise that his home would be the meeting place for his friends to hang out and jam on his instruments including multiple guitars, drum set, keyboards and a grand piano.

A few years ago keyboardist, Dylan and best friend Denzel Merritt (15 yrs old) on drums along with cousin Ali-Khan Lochin (16 yrs old) on the turntables and little brother Jaden Wiggins (12 yrs old) on bass guitar began to jam together more regularly and PopLyfe was born! Once vocalist, 16 year old Kehlani Parrish, the band’s only girl, and 14 year old guitarist Dillon Ingram joined in the band was already performing at local events.

They soon moved on to bigger venues, have recorded a few songs and continue to support community events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Growing up in a community that has produced generations of musicians and artists who have changed the music industry, PopLyfe’s focus on musicianship reinforces the value of live music hence their motto “Go LIVE or Go HOME!”. When not in rehearsal or attending school, the group enjoys lots of activities. Jaden might be found acting or cooking savory treats; Kehlani practicing with her dance troupe; Dillon playing lacrosse or skiing; Ali-Kahn acting or modeling and Dylan and Denzel off skateboarding or bmx biking. They are honored to be chosen to perform on America’s Got Talent and look forward to bringing their music to new audiences.

Video: America’s Got Talent Finals Performances Silhouettes Perform

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Who are Silhouettes? America´s Got Talent Finalists

The Silhouettes from Rocky Mountain School of Dance & Performing Arts in Arvada Colorado were formed in 2009. The Silhouette performers range from 3 to 19 years old. The group uses creative shadow story telling mixed with photographic overlay and artistic dancing. They have performed for the Olympic Sportaccord world delegates, the Colorado Tourism Board’s 100th Anniversary celebration. The Silhouette performers are also part of Kids Helping Kids which raises money for homeless children in Colorado. They are also competitive level dancers trained in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, musical theater, tumbling, vocal and acting. The Silhouettes’ goal is to inspire audiences of all ages and create an endless adventure that moves audiences and promotes awareness for homeless children across America.

Video: America’s Got Talent Finals Performances Terry Fator Performs

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