dexter-season-seven-spoiler-preview-teaser-trailer-videoWow is not enough to start describing this trailer for season seven of Dexter. The upcoming season looks better and better by the minute. And now, the wait is smaller, but still seems so far away from here, that luckily, folks at Showtime released a spoiler trailer video for Dexter season seven to calm our cravings.

Season six of DEXTER concluded last fall with one of the series’ most shocking moments – Dexter got caught by none other than his sister Deb. As season seven kicks off on Sunday, September 30th at 9 p.m. ET/PT, DEXTER’s devoted fan base wonders – what will he do, and what will she do? The wait is almost over as SHOWTIME unveils a sneak preview of the exciting upcoming season.

Watch Dexter´s spoiler trailer video for season seven

Some people says that when reading the books this, or when reading the books that… don´t get me wrong, the books are mindblowing, but the TV show found a way to not necessarily follow every step as in the books and work. So if you have read the books, this season does not mean things are going to be like what you read.

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