Suits- Season-2-summer-finale-spoiler-louis-voteSuits ended a huge episode this week, in an episode where Donna (Oh, how wonderful Sarah Rafferty is) comes back to work for Harvey at the firm, and she realizes just by the suit Louis is wearing that Daniel Hardman has offered him the senior partner position.

And next week it is summer finale time for Suits. In an episode called High Noon in which we´ll get to know who Louis votes for managing partner of Pearson & Hardman.

I had the chance to watch the summer finale of Suits in advance, courtesy of USA so I can tell you some things. But I won´t give you any spoilers as to who Louis is voting for.

I can tell you some things about the episode though.

Harvey needs Mike´s help as the battle for control of Pearson Hardman reaches its climax; but Mike drops off the grid following a dramatic turn in his personal life. You may recall from this week´s episode.

Going off the grid for Mike means coming back to some old habits, and there are also some of the same old same old habits at the firm, with everybody going at each other, in the verge of the mystery vote from Louis for managing partner.

There will be a lot of fight, a lot of love and a lot of emotion in this summer finale… but most of all, there will be a lot of “Can´t wait mode” for the time season two of Suits comes back in the fall.

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