Miss USA is coming to NBC on Sunday, June 19 at 9/8c; and since this is the big 60th anniversary, we’ve some interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, including Rima Fakih, the reigning Miss USA (who is fresh out of her try outs at WWE Tough Enough).

What do I have? six of the contestants from all over the country in video interviews to get to know them; plus, the ladies had an opportunity to give back and build bikes for children whose parents are deployed overseas.

Watch Miss USA Preview Videos

Words of Wisdom

Rima Fakih reflects on her experience as Miss USA and gives advice to the 2011 contestants.

Miss USA 2011: Meet Miss South Carolina

Courtney Hope Turner, Miss South Carolina 2011, talks about the causes she hopes to bring awareness to.

Miss USA 2011: Meet Miss Minnesota

Brittany Lee Thelemann, Miss Minnesota 2011, shares what she believes are the qualities it takes to be Miss USA.

Miss USA 2011: Meet Miss Kentucky

Kia Ben-et Hampton, Miss Kentucky 2011, hopes that her unique background will set her apart from the competition.

Miss USA 2011: Meet Miss Arizona

Dawn Brannon, Miss Arizona 2011, tells the story of how she discovered her passion for pageantry.

Miss USA 2011: Meet Miss Alabama

Madeline Grace Mitchell, Miss Alabama 2011, talks about overcoming obstacles living each day to the fullest.

Miss USA 2011: The Contestants Give Back

It’s going to take more than a pretty face to be crowned Miss USA 2011!

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