william-shatner-weird-or-what-syfyWilliam Shatner has been doing this show for a while across the border, and now it´s arriving to the US on Syfy. A show called Weird or What? that premieres Tomorrow at 9/8c. on Syfy.

We’re all fascinated by mysteries and strange phenomena. But is the unexplained really unexplainable? In this irresistible new series, join science fiction legend William Shatner as we investigate all that’s weird in the world.

The first episode will delve into Alien Abductions… is that weird or what?

Watch Weird or What? Promo Clip – William Shatner is Weird

Watch Weird or What? Promo Clip – Show Teaser Trailer

What is Weird or What? About – Premise

Hosted by William Shatner, each episode of Weird or What? contains three separate stories of the bizarre and unexplained. As the show unfolds, it weighs various supernatural and scientific theories that attempt to explain the story, and sometimes features tests conducted as proof of a theory’s plausibility. The show features strange occurrences such as aliens, ghosts, monsters and natural disasters, and could lead you to question your understanding of what is real, what isn’t, and what’s just plain weird.

Weird or What? premieres on Tuesday, April 30 at 9/8c.

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