Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove 1005-- (Photo by Katie Yu/Hallmark)Already in the middle of the first season of Hallmark´s first original series Debbie Macomber´s Cedar Cove, the show comes after four episodes like A House Divided, Reunion, Suspicious Minds, For The Sake of the Children and now onto episode five called Free Spirits airing Saturday, August 24 at 8p.m. ET/PT, 7C with guest stars Sebastian Spence and Charlie Carrick.

What will happen on Debbie Macomber´s Cedar Cove S01E05 Free Spirits

Justine is excited to welcome Seth back from his job at sea, but when he doesn’t show up for several days, she fears the worst and decides to go on a dangerous solo trip to a remote Alaskan town to find him. Olivia is concerned, especially as she remembers the pain of losing her son several years ago in an accident. Worried she’ll lose Justine too, Olivia’s sleepless nights start taking a toll and is hesitant to leave town when Jack asks her to go to Seattle for the weekend on their first trip as a couple.  As both Justine and Olivia face stepping out of their comfort zones, they ultimately realize the adventure might be worth the risk.

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