DebbiemacombersCedarCove_1009U_0124rThe show, starring Andie MacDowell, the first scripted original series on Hallmark Channel is as solid as it gets for a debut, and has already made folks at the network developing more shows along the lines.

And now, a new episode is close to airing this Saturday, when Cedar Cove´s ninth episode hits the screen. Conflicts of Interest arise when several Cedar Cove relationships are seemingly all on the line.  Grace (Teryl Rothery) starts feeling the repercussions of her surprising kiss with Will (guest star Cameron Bancroft), who won’t stop calling to confess his feelings.  She is a nervous wreck, worried Olivia (Andie MacDowell) will find out, but when Grace finally decides to spill her secret, she discovers Will has been hiding an even bigger one about his marriage.  Meanwhile, Justine (Sarah Smyth) rushes to support her ex-fiancé Warren (Brennan Elliott) when he has a heart attack, putting stress on her relationship with Seth (Corey Sevier), who is grappling with the decision to take a long, four-month job at sea.  And when a fender bender and an accusatory visit from Stan’s angry wife Melanie (guest star Anne Marie DeLuise) puts Olivia on edge, she leans on  (Dylan Neal) for comfort—until he gets an unexpected call to meet a sports editor in Philadelphia for a potential new opportunity that could put their happy romance on hold.  Also starring: Paula Shaw (“Charlotte”), Timothy Webber (“Moon”), Elyse Levesque (“Maryellen”), Andrew Airlie (“Stan”). Guest starring: Charlie Carrick (“John Bowman”) and Jay Brazeau (“Mayor Louie Hanson”).

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