white-collar-spoilers-quotes-taking-accounts-mozzie-sexHow great is White Collar? A lot! Well, and in this new episode called Taking Account Neal invites Sara to move in, so that´s huge, but let´s review the best moments of the episode

Best Quotes from White Collar S03E07 – Taking Accounts

Peter: I remember when Elizabeth moved in
Neal: No, this is temporary
Peter: Yeah, so was El…

Neal: Now there´s only one question: How will we spend 100 million dollars

Sara: So Peter knows about it?
Neal: Let´s say he won´t be surprised
Sara: So you are not skipping town?

Neal: Let´s get your money back

Sara: The thief can see the account but he can´t touch it
Neal: Let´s give him something to look at

Diane: Do you think DuPont has a partner with expensive taste?
Peter: I think I have a partner with expensive taste

Peter: Someone is going to prison for this. You are going to help me make sure it´s the Vulture and not the two of you. Ok?

Neal: I wouldn´t be so concerned. Mozzie is all about boundaries

Mozzie: Consider that a lesson in modesty

Mozzie: Wow
Neal: No, don´t
Mozzie: But did you see her?

Peter: Put your hand in the cookie jar without taking the cookie

Peter: That´s the way FBI does things
Neal: I´m impressed, but my way is more fun

Mozzie: You are an expert online, but you are in my world now

Neal: What if I told you we could keep living like this?
Sara: What? Reach without measure?

Neal: Maybe daydreams can come true

Sara: I never cross any line that I cannot come back from

Neal: As a rule… you shouldn´t explain your jokes

Peter: Could they pull it off?
Neal: Well, you picked the right two misfits to try

Mozzie: Big Brother here, we are always watching

Neal: You got yourself a girlfriend

Sara: Neal, what did you do…

Recap from White Collar S03E07 – Taking Accounts

Recap by MikeSaros, jabell, nancygailus for IMDB.com

Open with Neal (Matt Bomer) and Sara (Hilarie Burton) walking down the street talking about getting away. She tries to make a withdrawal from the ATM. She is stunned to find her account empty.

At the office, Peter (Tim DeKay) tells the team a virus hit Sara’s bank, stealing $120 million from customers. A thief then left a rambling message on the website. It wasa statement about finance. Someone named Cameron DuPont (a cover) had the exact amount stolen deposited in his Swiss bank account.

Peter tells Sara what happened. She correctly guesses if the guy isn’t caught, her money is gone forever. Neal invites her to stay with him.

Mozzie (Willie Garson) doesn’t love the idea of Sara crashing with Neal. He offers his assistance in finding the crook, in part to get her out of there. The plan is to create a person called DuPont and start spending his money in the hopes of flushing the true culprit.

Sara brings up Neal’s fake passport. He tells her there are a number of reasons he’d need an alias, calming her fear he’s leaving town.

Jones (Sharif Atkins) is able to figure out the thief is a well-known hacker named The Vulture.

Neal, Mozzie and Sara run a scam which gets them access to the bank’s computer. This allows Sara to feed Neal the answers to the DuPont account’s security questions. The result is the thief can no longer access the money, but he can view the balance.

Neal and Sara buy four $20 million helicopters and various expensive clothes, jewelry and art.

Diana (Marsha Thomason) tells Peter the Swiss bank reported strange activity on DuPont’s account. Peter immediately guesses Neal is responsible.

A furious Peter shows up at Neal’s place. Peter demands Sara lay low and Neal come with him.

Neal points out to Peter theft was never The Vulture’s thing.

Mozzie (familiar with The Vulture) is brought in by Peter for help with the case. He contacts the Vulture via a website. A meeting is scheduled.

At the meeting site, a text is sent through Peter’s SUV: “I am innocent.” The Vulture is a woman (Lena Headey), who asks Mozzie to meet her. When Mozzie leaves, the car bullets start flying. Diana grabs The Vulture on her way out, but Jones missed the sniper. The Vulture says they are looking for Kurt Brower, who she helped design the virus that robbed the bank.

The Vulture (who calls herself Sally) says she doesn’t know what Brower looks like. She helped him with the bug, but had no interest in the money. She wanted to publicize corruption.

Peter tells Neal of a plan to use Neal’s image as bait to draw out Brower.

Mozzie visits Sally and tells her she’s in danger. She doesn’t seem concerned, but lets him add a few security features. This leads to them hooking up.

Neal hints at the possibility of them living without concern for money. He’s about to show Sara the treasure until she says she doesn’t like the idea of spending money she didn’t earn.

Brower didn’t show up at the PO Box where they pretended Neal would be. He left a flash drive. When they place the drive into a computer, it allows him to access the DuPont file, changing back the personal information so he can access the remaining money. He must go to a bank to get the money. Neal thinks he’ll be in the wind once he does so. Mozzie and Sally hack the bank to access security footage. They find video of Brower entering the bank and leaving via cab.

Peter and his team arrive at the Port Authority. Peter’s idea is to “deputize every single person in this terminal.”

Mozzie and Sally hack the video screen and cell phones over everyone in the terminal, placing a huge picture of Brower next to an FBI warning sign. Immediately, Brower is located. Brower tells Peter he’s a hero “to my people.” Jones grabs his laptop which he guesses will have the evidence they need to put him away.

Outside Peter admits just before he caught Neal, he bluffed him out of a hiding place of which the feds were not aware.

June (Diahann Carroll) tells Sara to “give Neal time” before she can expect to be let in on his secrets. Sara calls Neal and asks him to explain what he meant earlier. Neal doesn’t tell her the truth.

Mozzie hints to Neal he is dating Sally. They talk around the idea of never leaving. “And be closet billionaires?” Mozzie asks. He sets Sally’s phone number on fire to cut ties. However, as Neal reminds Mozzie he has a photographic memory and has already committed her number to memory, he admits it was basically a gesture.

Back in Neal’s apartment Sara guesses the password for the closed circuit camera: “Neal what did you do?”

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