Fran Drescher´s Happily Divorced just got renewed , and now it´s time to review this week´s best quotes from Happily Divorced.

Happily Divorced Best Quotes – Episode 106

Peter: Fran, you need to start learning to do things without me.

Fran: Believe me, I have! But I don´t think it´s that kind of party.

Peter: I´m going to Gingo
Fran: What the hell is Gingo?
Peter: Gay Bingo

Peter: You just said that because It´s what I said to you
Fran: Gingo!

Judi: What´s better than two single ladies picking men o the high seas
Peter: One single girl and her ex husband who won´t be competing for the same semen

Fran: Oh my God, this is like Sophie´s Choice
Peter: She chose the boy

Dori: You´re only upset because for the first time in my life I´m doing something without you and having fun
Glen: This is what an affair is

Fran: What do you know, I´m a little boring

Fran: You can be a party of one, but that doesn´t mean you can´t be a party of fun

Glen: I´m going to the restroom, I don´t want to be held behind twelve angry prostates

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