hot-in-cleveland-quotes-spoilers-s02e16-dancing-queensIn a new episode of Hot in Cleveland, the show starring the best leading lady on TV Betty White, and a great cast all around with Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick, the girls go to a gay bar to look for Cleveland´s GBF´s as they used to have in LA.

Best quotes from Hot in Cleveland S02E16 Dancing Queens

Joy: Dancing with you man is like putting a hat on your dog: It´s fun, but you know he hates it.

Melanie: I need someone who can call me “Bitch” and make it feel like a hug

Joy: Story of my life:Always a beard trimmer, never a beard

Victoria: If there was an Emmy for outstanding performance in a men´s room, I would´ve won it

Joy: I have a bit of experience with revenge Elka, and it´s never as satisfying as you hope and the police always comes sooner than you´d think

Leandro: You are a strong man Victoria Chase

Elka: The guys at PieCurious were right… Once you go Blackberry

Elka: I turned the scale down… in Cleveland we call that a diet.

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