white-collar-spoilers-quotes-payback-elizabeth-peter-burkeGood TV is back! Well… set your calendars, since White Collar comes back on Tuesdays 10/9 C on USA. (It´s a new time slot).

We had nice interviews with Tiffany Thiessen and Hilarie Burton recently upped to series regular, and now, the newest episode of White Collar, called Payback.

U.S. Marshals ask Peter and Neal to track down an FBI agent accused of selling witness locations.

White Collar Spoiler Theory Alert: I don´t care about plane explosions. I really think Kate is alive on White Collar. You heard me: Kate´s not dead!

Best Quotes from White Collar S02E14 Payback

Reese Hughes: Sometimes we make deals with ConMen

Neal: It´s always a pleasure seeing you… behind bars

Peter: Yeah, that could have gone better

Peter: The worst part it is. When she left this morning I didn´t call her hon
Neal: Have you ever seen an actual fight?
Peter: It´s our own little abbrevation for I love you

Peter: Now all we need to say hon

Keller: Of course it´s a game. Life´s a game. But if you stopplaying. Burke dies

Neal: Peter´s been taken

Neal: He´s a chess player. He sees ten or twelve moves ahead

Neal: What do you want me to do?
Elizabeth: Whatever it takes for you to bring him home

Mozzie: Any idiot can rob a bank

Mozzie: Are you really willing to give that up for the suit?
Neal: Keeping Peter alive´s more important than holding a candle for someone who isn´t

Elizabeth: I don´t know nothing and it´s killing me

Mozzie: Seriously, this is about dry cleaning?

Mozzie: My longest relationship lasted eleven days…and then she deflated.

Neal: You are not driving very green

Peter: Keller´s late. I wonder what he´s planning

Jones: I´ve got Burke on the line

Peter: And some creepy looking mannequin

Neal: I´m thinking Peter
Peter: Think faster Neal

Jones: There´s a team on the way
Peter: There´s no time

Peter: I´m out

Neal: There he is… the escape artist extraordinaire Peter Burke

Peter: Hey hon
Elizabeth: Hey hon

Keller: I couldn´t escape without you

Neal: I´m gonna find you Keller

Recap from White Collar S02E14 Payback

Recap by MikeSaros for IMDB

Open with word abou Matthew Keller (Ross McCall), recently sentenced to 20 years in a SuperMax for manslaughter. He’s told the feds he has national security information he’ll only share with Peter (Tim DeKay). We learn Keller was an old rival of Neal’s.

A doubtful Peter and Neal (Matthew Bomer) visit Keller in prison. While he plays Neal in chess, Keller tells them he wants to remain in his current minimum security facility in exchange for information on fake passports given to terrorists and smugglers. He gives them the name Jason Lang (Adam Goldberg).

Peter and Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen) have an argument related to his forgetting to pick-up dry cleaning.

Both Mozzie (Willie Garson) and Neal want Keller to find his way to maximum security. He is scheduled to be transferred later that day.

Peter has found out Lang and Keller used to be partners. The relationship ended when Lang shot him. He and Neal think the story is probably bogus, but they still need to look into it.

Neal looks down his nose at Peter’s “fight” with Elizabeth, but Peter is bothered.

Photographer/artist Lang tells Peter he makes enough money as a legit photographer not to need a “side business.” Neal notices the equipment to make passports is on-site and that Lang uses holograms in his artwork. Lang makes a dash for it. Peter goes after him. It turns out to be a setup. Peter is blindfolded and stuffed in a van before Neal can get there. A phone lying on the ground starts to ring. Neal answers it. It is Keller, saying unless Neal plays along Peter will die.

Peter tells Lang that Keller will betray him. He realizes Lang must need him for something and wants to work something out. Lang tells him he’s not interested in any deals.

Neal goes to see Keller, facing transfer to a maximum security facility where he will be in grave danger because of a $2.5 million debt he owes to the Russians. Keller mentions something Neal acquired six years earlier which is worth that amount. He gives Neal three hours to get it back. Neal calls Diana (Marsha Thomason) to update her.

Hughes (James Rebhorn) organizes the mission to get Peter back. Hughes tells Neal they will not negotiate with Keller, adding Keller is still on his way to the SuperMax. Mozzie calls Neal. He’s gotten a call to set up a meeting. Neal tells him to bring a hammer. Elizabeth arrives at the bureau. Neal tells her Keller is prepared for everything the FBI is doing. He asks Elizabeth what she wants him to do. She responds: “Whatever it takes to bring him home.”

Neal assures Diana that Peter will be killed if he doesn’t intervene. She agrees to help.

A half hour before the exchange, Neal and Mozzie go to a park and use a chisel to get a ring out of a statue. This is what Keller said would take care of the Russians.

Using a safety pin left on his suit by the dry cleaner, Peter works on his handcuffs. Before Lang leaves for the exchange, Peter figures out the intention is to break Keller out during the exchange and eventually kill Peter.

Mozzie goes to see Elizabeth. He assures her Peter will come home safe. He gives her a bug so she can hear the progress.

Neal and Lang sit down. Neal won’t give him the ring without proof Peter is alive, so Lang calls and allows him one texted question. The question is which cell phone number Neal used the last time he called. Peter glares at his kidnapper’s cell phone and gives a number.

Neal decodes Peter’s message: “No transfer.” Diana calls Jones (Sharif Atkins), following the bus and tells him to try and stop the convoy. At that exact moment, Keller is broken out of the bus. Jones and several other agents give chase but Keller escapes.

While Lang waits for Keller to arrive, Peter picks his handcuffs and goats Lang into trying to shoot him. Peter takes the gun from him, knocks him out and works on taking his phone.

Hughes is upset with Neal for dealing with Keller and sends him away. On his way out, Peter calls and asks to talk to Neal. Peter describes his cell, then asks Neal to figure out a way for him to escape. Neal talks him through the process, the final stage of which involves using the cell phone battery. After losing their phont connection, it works and Peter calls, with Lang at gunpoint.

The team arrives at Peter’s location. Keller never shows and Neal wonders if that was his plan all along. Peter tries to give back the ring, but Neal doesn’t take it.

Peter and Elizabeth have a reunion. Keller calls Neal and says they should leave each other alone for a while. Neal promises he’ll find him.

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